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Get To Know Rising Entrepreneur Gucci P

In May 2018 , Gucci P founded Tykoon Management & Productions, a full house entertainment company with in-house artist management, digital marketing, event planning services. Through his company P promoted events for artists such as Davido, King Combs , Young Thug, Young Dolph, Key Glock , and more! He was also involved at events in Morgantown, West Virginia and Dallas, Texas. He was recently featured on NBC 29 news highlighting the accomplishments he’s achieved with special help from his team of young innovative youth who assist him in planning, promotion, and ideas.

We recently had a chance to talk to the rising entrepreneur about discovering his love and aptitude for running his business, promoting parties, and his new position with Sony Music U.

When did you realize you had the skills to be successful as an entrepreneur and as a business owner and operator?

Gucci P: I started realizing that when I first started doing artist management. When I first started doing it, it was difficult in the beginning because we don’t have a lot of major fundings plus, I started out around when I was 16. I was in high school getting ready to leave high school and doing that at the same time. Even though that was the case I still pushed through and did everything that was possible to make sure that I started off on a good note. From our first artist till now impact in their career. The dedication showed me my skill because it just showed me if I really want to get something done, I start discovering stuff I’ve never seen before which lead to those skills. That’s how that started it.

Tykoon Management has been around for what, around two years, or a year and a half.

Gucci P: A year and a half

Tell me about, how did the idea pop up in your head and tell me about how did you even bring that to life.

Gucci P: One of my good friends, I always like to bring him up, his name is Swag, he’s the head promoter of Bliss. When I was young, I used to go to parties, in clubs a lot, going to have fun until I met Swag, I found out that there are different things that are going on in the party. I figured out that there are niggas that’s in there to party and there are niggas in there to make money and work. Swag was one of those guys that I used to see, he used to just bring me around sometimes, if he would have a show or he was having some type of party, he would just bring me and then let me be in an area of this club where I can see how everything is moving, see how the tickets work and everything.

How do you feel you’ve matured in the past year?

Gucci P: I started opening my mind up to a lot of things I wasn’t learning from school or anyone directly. So as i was doing it i was learning at the same time. When I got to college I saw the potential audience i was looking for which was the students and I found ways to utilize my environment, I developed the idea of doing a party and then doing the concerts. Also to the media company that we have called Tykoon Talk, we do interviews and freestyle and discuss hot topics, as well with upcoming artists and influencers, as well. All those different things expanding, that’s the key.

Definitely. Tell me how did you get your job. What’s your exact title?

Gucci P: I’m the Sony Music U Baltimore  College Rep.

How did you get that position? How did you find out that they were looking for people and most of all, what did it feel like when you actually got that position?

Gucci P: That’s a cool question. I had a friend, who got into it– Basically, the three top main distributors are Warner, Sony, and Universal. They all have something like that. It’s basically called whatever the label is with a U at the end. The U basically is for the college students. There’s Warner Music U, there’s Universal Music U. She got into Universal Music U and I’m like, “Damn, I didn’t even know they had that. I didn’t even know labels were for college students.” I thought they were for graduates. I was telling her that I looked up the Universal joint and I couldn’t apply. We searched and searched and she found the Sony joint. We looked up the flyer and I applied that night.

That night I whipped up a resume and applied to the joint, basically, Tykoon was the only thing on it, I just made sure that’s how it was for everything. They also looked on my Instagram, as well, to make sure that everything on my resume was placeable and it definitely was because everything on my resume was something that I’ve done. There’s some type of content or piece of promotional material that you can still find on one of my pages. Actually, when I applied, I didn’t even think I was going to get it. They posted in April, so I’m like, “Somebody must have applied or they’re probably not even hiring again.” When I sent them the email, I believe I got a response the next day or two and I was really surprised. It was three interviews, very intensive, cool interviews. The fourth time, the guy asked me, “If we like you, are you going to be 100% dedicated?” I’m like, “Yes.” He was like, “Sure about that?” “Actually 1000 %.” He’s like, “I actually like that energy.” Right after that, he told me I was in.

Once you graduate, what type of life do you want to have for yourself?

Gucci P: I tell a lot of people this and they look at me like I’m crazy. I’m going to school for strategic communications, and strategic communications basically falls under everything that I’m doing already. When I finish college, I plan on using all of the information I’m learning from this, I can apply to Tykoon along with the experience connected to Sony Music. With that being said, I kind of just want to be a full-time business owner, because the goal I have is, hopefully, by God’s graces, by making the right connections in the Sony Program , I can get some type of joint venture deal.

I don’t know if a lot of people know what that is, it’s basically like Roc Nation, for example, Its main distributer is Universal Music. Jay-Zowns it, but it’s a major label behind him that basically gave him the funds to start Roc Nation and that’s how Roc Nation is today. It’s all about, who you know because of all the connection thing as long as your vision makes sense to them, hopefully, and actually, plan to grind out to this program so they can see what I’m really about. Also, do good on my business and so hopefully I come out with one of those joint ventures and even if before I graduate.

Yeah, because once I get that, I can control everything. Then also, the businesses are running. As long as everything is going smooth, everything is going to be everything (good) , bro. I’m going to put different people on. If I know anyone or a family member that doesn’t have a job, I can literally put them anywhere within the company to make money. Also, the artists that I know have potential around. There’s going to be enough funding to help 4, 5, 6 niggas and we’ll be number one. That’s what I look up to as far as labels, how they put on Migos, Lil Baby, Lil Yachty all them under one label. They have a great team while also being backed up by Motown which equals crazy pushing. It all through stuff like this, where it starts.

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