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Selli Paper Is Determined to Beat the Odds

Selli Paper is no stranger to the lifestyle that rappers claim to lead. From being incarcerated to near death experiences, the Troy, New York native is mindful in ever taking things for granted. Coming from a place where the drive to be the first to put their city’s scene on the map is at an all time high, Selli Paper feels that his work ethic outshines the competition.

After surviving a near-fatal gun shot wound to the chest, writing became his outlet while dealing with his months-long recovery. Aware of the setbacks that often felt that they would permanently drive him off course , Selli has stayed on his grind and is now ready to share his story coming out the other side.

These days, he ‘s picking up where he left off since his first album, “I Shoulda Been On” with a sophomore project titled, “No Thank You. The project is being released via his own label, New Envy. In preparation for his upcoming album, I spoke with Selli Paper on the phone about how he came into the game and what fans can expect to hear in his latest work.

Check out our conversation below!

Where does a name like Selli Paper come from?

My family gave me the nickname Selli and paper planes was a thing back when Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller and all them was hot. My name was Selli Paper Plane. Then I had got locked up. I just felt like the Paper planes was too kid-ish, so I just kept it to Selli Paper. That’s when the boy started getting money when I came home.

In 2019, you released your album “I Shoulda Been On(ISBO)” which the name alone makes a bold statement. What makes you stand out from other artists?   

It’s the delivery and the hard work. I just be working my ass off. Ever since I started, I always had  setbacks in my life that would always just set me back. I went to prison twice. Then I had got shot and that put me in the hospital for a long minute. I feel like I’ve should’ve been on cause of the work. They say hard work pay off.

Coming from that experience (getting shot), has that changed your outlook on life in general?

Yeah definitely. I couldn’t walk, you feel me. I was in a wheelchair, I’m going to therapy and stuff like that. So it’s dealing with different life experiences. You just realize certain things you can’t take for granted.

I saw that you’ve been teasing a project titled “No Thank You.”  From I Shoula Been On to now, what do you feel is going to be the biggest change that people hear once they finally get a chance to play it?

Just more pain. In between that , I had got shot in my chest so it’s like  a lot of my fans know I was sitting in the hospital for two months. That’s what they expecting to hear about. Things that’s going on in the streets, in the trenches and stuff like that. I Shoulda Been On was basically just like headbanger after headbanger. “No Thank You” is a lot of pain, but it got some bangers on there too. You gon hear it, you gon love it.

What does the name “No Thank You” itself, mean for you. 

“No Thank You” means when you out of sight out of mind. When you gone, they forget about you. Then, when you rise they act like they been down with you from the struggle, like they was shooting with you at the gym but it was never that. When the album drop, I know a lot of faces are going to come around and act like they was around  for the whole process of when I was recording an album. So when they come back around, it’s just no thank you.

Dodging all of the people that don’t deserve to be at the table. I feel that.


Is there anything else you want people to know about you?

Yeah man, Selli Paper is just a young nigga from the underground, man from the unknown, you feel me. I’m from a place nobody knows about. It wasn’t my choice, but this is where i’m from so I got to go 100 percent with it. Shout out all my opps, they all broke. My team, New Envy the dream team, shout out all the guys. I mean that’s really it.

Stream “I Shoula Been On (ISBO)” below.

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