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KM Kash Next Up For New York

KM Kash

New York’s upcoming star KM Kash has been lighting up the music scene for years now.

Being featured on multiple respected outlets like RespectMag, Elevator, and many others. He shows no sign of fatigue. As he is one of the hottest new rappers coming out of New York, he makes a major statement with each release he puts out for his fans. KM Kash is here to remind us that the New York hip-hop scene is not dead.

We Certified Kash on Kazi Magazine the minute we heard the superstar flowing out of him with each gritty bar. Even with his success from his previous single Legendary, it’s easy to see his lyrics are notable and can push our hip-hop forward.

His deep lyrical content and confidence in tone help push his thoughts, unlike most artists. You can truly feel what he’s gone through while realizing his sound unlike any other. When you pair his hunger for success and a gritty-produced beat. The combination is truly a scary site. The work Kash produces cannot be duplicated, each track has its own flow and remains to show his true character, demeanor, and story behind his sound.

If you truly are a fan of hip-hop, you will love our sit-down interview with the upcoming star below. The next big star of New York is in the making!

What’s one thing that your fans don’t know about you?

The fans don’t really know how seriously I actually am about my music. A nigga like me really didn’t have much growing up. It was all about finessing basketball and then music for me. So I remain humble through it all.

After listening to your music, what is one message you want people to walk away with?

That you could always find time to chase your dreams. It’s just about your mentality and drive.

Are you currently working on anything right now? What are your current goals at the moment?

Most def. I’m working on new music right now, also I’ve been working on new visuals. My goal is to keep creating hit singles and to expand my fan base.

Walk me through your recording process, do you write raps or freestyle?

I find an instrumental that I like and I write to it. Then I record , but It’s crazy though cause I don’t write any of my hooks like that.

Are there any artists or producers in particular that you’re working with heavily at the moment?

I’m working with a few producers right now for my EP but no artists as of yet.

What can we expect from you this year? Another project or any collaborations on the way?

All new fire visuals dropping and shit. I also have an EP coming in 2021 shit gonna be lit.

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