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October’s Very Own – A Birthday Card to Drake

“Winning is problematic/People like you more when you’re working towards something, not when you have it.”

I can’t quite describe the feeling I get when listening to “Lose You” whether it be this line or any other one. It’s not an elated or giddy feeling which a stan like myself often does feel, but it’s one of those moments where you feel fully connected to a human being you have never met a day in your life.

That quote isn’t completely right though. Sometimes you get treated worse when you aren’t at a certain level, despite exhibiting the drive to get there. The thing you hope people will admire can sometimes be what pushes them away. What I appreciate as both a fan and journalist is that never once has Drake directly complained about how he is perceived.

To masterfully address the critiques thrown your way by providing clever retorts in the music speaks to a general composure in life. There have been so many highs, number ones, plaques, and awards. As we’ve seen, it’s difficult to take him down but Aubrey has experienced some lows as well. Obviously nothing too damaging, but a secret baby by a stripper or confirmation of a ghostwriter might have buried a lot of other people if placed in that position.

So many of us want to be seen without having the merit to be deemed visible. The image comes first, and the work secondarily. You see through the smoke, navigate the mirrors, and find that there’s a dearth. With Drake, the ubiquity has everything to do with the grind. The reputation grew as the product maintained its quality throughout a few evolutions.

Wait, this is a card, not a history lesson. I can’t say that I’ve ever been an icon or one of the most popular artists of all-time, but I definitely think mentally we’ve shared some of the same struggles. The scales differ, but the core is the same. Greatness isn’t easy. It actually gets more and more difficult the closer you get to it.

I’m thankful for the moments of vulnerability we’ve been able to witness. They mean as much as the triumphs. Drake is always thinking about the next step, counting losses and looking to create another win. There’s a lot to learn from the boy.

Who knows what 2020 holds? I can guess more impressive verses, money moves, and enough accolades to fill up a CVS receipt. Today, we step back, set aside our personal desires, and recognize a guy we’ve been lucky to witness rise to stardom. 

Thank you for sharing your gifts and life with us. Thank you for never turning your back on the fans even when they’ve been fickle. It’s not easy to be yourself and remain who you are, through and through. It’s difficult to satisfy everyone without deviating from what you truly believe in.

Somehow, Drake has made it look easy. Something we all strive toward. Pour up the Virginia Black, throw on “Ratchet Happy Birthday”, and have the day you deserve. What a time to be alive.

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