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645AR: From Viral Sensation To Rap Music’s Newest Wildcard

Image via 645AR

Innovations in rap music seem to be at a standstill leaving a new generation left to wonder what will be the sound that defines their era. Following the aftermaths of the triplet rap and mumble rap styles, 645AR seems to have risen from the ashes with what could either be a passing phase, or rap music’s next best thing.

Deemed a sub-genre of Playboi Carti’s staple baby voice, 645AR’s signature squeak-like delivery has seen its fair share of criticisms as well as praise. The origins of his trademark sound started off as a joke in a studio session back in 2018.

645AR started to gain viral attention from earlier tracks like “Crack” and his most popular “4 Da Trap.” His ability to stand out from the crowd has led to him signing a record deal just two years after that studio session. For the 22-Year-Old rapper, it seems as if the sky’s the limit. “I just like to like think outside the box and just try to do things differently… people don’t want to see the standard, I like to try to keep people on their feet.” He explains. 

The only thing left to know now is, what’s next? Fresh of the release of his latest single “Yoga,”  645AR breaks down how recent collaboration with BRTHR, how he’s adjusting to fame, and what are his plans post quarantine.

 I recently saw, that you had just got signed to Columbia records, Congratulations! In a time where signing to a record label can be a bit polarizing, what was it about Columbia that made you feel like it was a good fit?

You know, I just feel like very comfortable with them. They can take what I’m doing to like a level that I can’t like really do. So, we just had a game plan and it just sounded like perfect to me so, I was just really comfortable.

 You started your signature squeak sound in about 2018, so to have it of go viral and to then be signed to a record label and things like that, how are you able deal with new influx of fans and new opinions on your sound?

Yeah, I mean, I know what I’m doing, and like I have a plan, and I stick with it. At first, I would just like do it, and like you know a lot of people would tell me to stop doing it, this was like the early stages.So I just didn’t take a lot of people’s opinions and it made me sick to my plan more.  I didn’t care about what others thought.

I actually saw that you sold out a show in Spain, how was that?

 I had done the show and like, my second biggest fan base is in Spain, in Madrid, Spain. When we just went, the show had already sold out and like, I’ve heard about shows selling out like out here in Atlanta but they still didn’t like fill it up. This show was sold out and was like sold out completely. It was huge, the venue was just like packed, and everybody knew the words to “4 Da Trap” and it was crazy.

People tend to criticize a lot of what you do, but on the flip side, has there been anybody as of recent, celebrities, or anyone that you’ve looked up to that have reached out and supported what you’ve been doing?

Yeah, it’s been a lot of people like, uh Tyga reached out…He likes what I’m doing. He likes that I’m trying to break barriers and yeah, he’s supporting it, you guys might see an AR Tyga track soon.

I had noticed that you were going to release an EP or an album called “645AR&B” that was set to drop in late February, but I haven’t seen it posted, has it been postponed for any reason?

Oh yeah, I just wanted to like deliver the best, best project out. I’m just taking my time with it, you know, and just making sure that it comes out perfect so, yeah, that’s really where I am with that.

Speaking of releases, you just released the video treatment for your latest single “Yoga” with the video directing duo BRTHR. They have worked with people like Travis Scott, Selena Gomez, and now you being added to the list, how did that collaboration come about?

So you know, I always like knew who BRTHR was and I watched like Goosebumps when that came out and Butterfly effect, and I liked those. So, when it was time for me to like shoot Yoga, BRTHR and them they were already hip so I just like reached out and we just made it happen.

 I love the concept of how they started off with the whole theme of 2020 with the sickness, and the quarantine thing going on, did that kind of limit what you were trying to do with the video or did this quarantine not really make a difference?

Yeah so we actually shot it like in the  like early stages, before things got shut down, but they had incorporated it into the video. But BRTHR, they’re located in Brooklyn and I’m in the Bronx so it’s just like, it wasn’t really like hard to link up or anything.

Once this whole quarantine is lifted what are you plans of action once things have settled?

Uh you know I hopefully plan to like do shows … yeah…That’s pretty much it.

Check out 645AR’s video for “Yoga” below.

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