Yvngxchris Sky Rocketing Success Continues

Global sensation, artist Yvngxchris is dropping his highly anticipated album, “VIRALITY” tomorrow August 19th. His fans and supporters have been waiting patiently for this exciting drop for quite some time now. The cover of this album is attention grabbing with a slight splash of gore. It contains an image of the artist beheaded with an eye gorging out of its socket, accented with blood dripping from his temple to his eye.

Around him, there are people taking pictures of him. The message he wanted to get across with this image is that being so viral can be extremely damaging to yourself. We come from an era where everything can go viral in an instant. This generation lives amongst their electronic devices, social media, the internet, etc. and it’s vital to realize how easily something can be seen on a large platform and with knowing this, we must be self aware with all that can come with it. This young genius mind wants his supporters to enjoy and indulge in this track, but also to realize and understand the message he is trying to convey.

From picking up a pen and paper at the early age of 10 years old, Yvngxchris fell in love with his passion, the music. At age 13 years old, he created a music set up on his family computer and the growth began from there. From as early as he could remember, his dad’s taste in music was the foundation of his music influence today. Growing up, he remembers his dad bumping the goat of all goats Drake, Erykah Badu, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Andre 3000, Three 6 Mafia and so much more. Not only did these artists shape his interest, but he also would love to collaborate with them. Specifically Kanye. “That would be some legendary shit.” Yvngxchris says. Fingers crossed for their future collaboration!

Yvngxchris speaks on venturing out of his genre to others eventually such as R&B, B&B, Indie and maybe even some Rock n’ Roll. He has even had conversations about possibly dipping into Country at some point too if the stars align. The artist is very open-minded and thrilled to make more music. He is hungry and what seems to be very resilient. He explains his song writing process is always hearing the beat first then follows it with lyrics of his feelings and it all meshes together. “I have to have a crazy beat before anything, I am heavy on production. I want my production to be the best in the game,” he states. He is doing numbers on the charts at age 17 years old. He is just getting started but yet so far in the game already. Being he’s so young in the game, we asked him how he feels from the growth of stardom, he states. “I feel good, I have a long ways to go, I’m just trying to stay humble, stay down to earth and just keep working.” And with that said, we believe he definitely will go far.

We can’t wait to hear the album and witness the ongoing growth for all the success he deserves! Hats off to you, Yvngxchris and cheers to the new album and elevation that awaits you.

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