When You Think Brooklyn, Think Lola Brooke

A courageous individual, beyond hard-working and one who holds an infectious charismatic aura, introducing Lola Brooke. She is an impeccable soul we got the pleasure to interview for Issue 30. Earlier this month the 718 Princess released her highly anticipated track “Here I Come” via her music label Team Eighty Productions. Lola cites Team Eighty as one of her most significant support systems that extend beyond music and song. The hard-hitting visual to “Here I Come” displays her lyrical prowess, flourishing stardom and has already become a contender to be another hit for the Brooklyn native. The track is Lola’s latest music release following the viral success thanks to her “Don’t Play With It” single featuring Billy B and songs like “Dummy Ummy,” “On My Mind,” and “Gator Season.”

“Don’t Play With It” continues to rise to the forefront, gaining traction across all music-leaning channels. Within the past month solely, the single has amassed 4 million plus streams for the static audio. Elsewhere, the track garnered over 300+ thousand TikTok video creations, peaked at #9 on TikTok Viral chart, and has garnered 100 million plus views on the platform. The official music video flows with 2 million plus views via YouTube.

Ms. Brooke is a day one Bed-Stuy local, born and raised in New York. At 8 years old, she discovered her first musical talents on accident. Picking up a pen and paper to solely writing poetry, it built a safe space for her to express and create what later transformed into her music career.

“I felt small, but I was raised to feel bigger and be heard,” she discloses. “I felt like if I tried to be boisterous, the people would ignore me, not knowing my voice was in fact powerful that I can use.”

“Looking back, I would doubt myself. I’d doubt myself about everything. The most simplest things. But fast forward to today, I would say I’m definitely growing to be more boisterous. I’m finding my way, I’m finding my voice. It’s something I have not really spoke on yet, that I want to, I just don’t know how to.” A wise and vulnerable message Lola expands. With this shadow work, we witness her opening her crown chakra— the complexity of the mind. The crown chakra is about merging with divine consciousness and realizing our own true nature.

Coming from a hardworking mother, it is clear as day that same mentality and respected hustle lives within Lola.

“Whatever we got going on in this household, we got to work for.” Her mother implemented these reminders in her, “When you go outside, you make sure people give you respect because you earn it.”

Additionally, her grandma was her first best friend. She was the only child of her family, resulting in not having to share her time with her beloved grandma. From as young as Lola could remember, they would bond over watching old Apollo shows while munching on peanut-butter and jelly filled crackers, to exchanging stories, to then just being there for each other. It meant a great deal to both of them and left core memories within Lola to cherish for a lifetime. Ones that she never would forget.

“I don’t want to sound biased, but my favorite collaboration of all time would have to be Kanye and Jay-Z, you know? You can’t run from that type of great music.” She states. Looking up to others during her youth who made a monumental impact was 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Eve, DMX, Missy Elliot and Meek Mill. As it happens, Meek Mill was the first Artist to co-sign her. From her being a supporter of him long before meeting him, to now Meek knowing her on a personal level and believing in her passion. Icons meeting icons.

In 2019 she was able to experience Rolling Loud at Da Baby’s camp. While she was enjoying her time, she started picturing herself on the stage performing. Fast forward to this year in 2022, she made her debut Rolling Loud performance at Citi Fields. What a full circle moment. Artist Lola Brooke speaks her manifestations into existence, a woman of her plan, the blueprint.

She is tremendously graceful and humble as she pushes towards the top. Upping the numbers, stretching her multi-faceted genres and being rooted in the now. She represents not only for herself, but for everyone who came from her hometown, her culture, her team. The best part of it all, she knows this. She owns every part of it and continues to push through any and every obstacle thrown her way. We love and respect Lola and pray for nothing but success and happiness to flow her way. When you think of the respected and talented artists from Brooklyn, you will soon think of the fast paced growing artist Lola Brooke, if you don’t already. Big cheers to more life!

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