T-Shyne The New Flag Bearer For Young Stoner Life Records

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13 June, 2022

The Rise Of T-Shyne

Hailing from East Hampton, NY, T-Shyne fell in love with the culture in which his passion was fueled by the influence. As a teenager he began honing his craft before making the decision to bring his talents to the Bronx to further develop his Hip-Hop career. The New York-bred rhymer first made a name for himself with cosigns from TM88 (the producer behind Lil Uzi Vert’s “XO Tour Llif3” and Drake’s Future and Young Thug-assisted “Way 2 Sexy”). In fact, you may also recognize this rising rhymer for his standout singles and collaborations alongside some of music’s mainstream moguls!

Most are familiar with his raving record “That Go” featuring Young Thug and Meek Mill which appeared on Young Stoner Life Records’ compilation album Slime Language 2. In addition to his second guest appearance on “Warrior” which is also featured on the compilation project. Young Thug’s knack for identifying talent is unparalleled. I mean, just take a listen to 2021’s Slime Language 2 and you’ll see for yourself. The compilation album highlighted the ATLien’s Young Stoner Life imprint. Featuring all-star performances from the likes of Gunna and Lil Keed, while also helping to introduce the emerging YSL members to the masses. One of the shining stars on the project — which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart — was T-Shyne. The rising rhymer also recently contributed a guest verse on “Stressed” with J. Cole fresh off Thug’s latest 2021 project Punk

The T-Shyne Takeover

T-Shyne’s true takeover of the industry and breakout began back in 2018 when he delivered his debut album, The Immaculate. Which included features from Young Thug, Juicy J, Slim Jxmmi, amongst other trending talent. Followed by several singles including notable tracks “Side Steppin” ft. Young Thug, “Slime” ft. Lil Keed, and “Layaway” ft. Alexander Lewis and Chief Keef.

In 2021, T-Shyne returned for a slew of single releases including “30 for 30” and “Feed The Fam” off his fresh, new album Confetti Nights. Additionally, T-Shyne ‘fed the fam’ in his birthplace of The Bronx by giving out free meals to those in need in honor of the release of “Feed The Fam”. Spreading the love, T-Shyne hosts his second ‘Feed the Fam’ intuitive as he provided meals for families in need for the community in Inglewood, California at Issa Rae’s store-front Hilltop Kitchen + Café. 

Welcome To ‘Confetti Nights

As for Confetti Nights, it displays T-Shyne’s undeniable storytelling ability. Elevated by features from YSL labelmates Young Thug and Gunna. In addition to guest appearances from Swae Lee, Meek Mill, Nav, 6lack, JID, and Dougie F. Also, the 15-track project features previously released singles “That Go!”, “Top 5”, and “30 for 30” as well. 

T-Shyne makes his comeback with this star-studded effort that showcases his distinct and unique aesthetic. Dripped in heavy-hitting, potent production from the likes of Supah Mario, Marzi, Wheezy, Confetti Nights soars with T-Shyne’s sonically rich hooks and sneakily infectious charisma. As a result, the world receives a more in-depth sense of his story. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the track list below. Also press play and give his latest offering a spin! 

Confetti Nights Track-list 

  • 1). Confetti 
  • 2). Top 5
  • 3). Still Ain’t Finished ft. Gunna 
  • 4). Skeet N Leave ft. Dougie F
  • 5). Switchin Occupations 
  • 6). Fighting Demons ft. Young Thug 
  • 7). Geeked Up feat Nav 
  • 8). Stay There ft. JID
  • 9). Speak My Truth
  • 10). Feed The Fam 
  • 11). Log Out ft. Swae & 6lack 
  • 12). 30 for 30 
  • 13). That Go! Ft. Meek Mills & Young Thug 
  • 14). Sugar Water 
  • 15). Backwoods at the Westway

He has been coined as a promising artist from Young Thug’s Young Stoner Life Records for his vivid lyrical prowess and undeniable ability to stand out on whatever track he’s up against—regardless of any other artists he’s paired alongside. Confetti Nights reflects these sentiments to a large extent, as listeners are treated to an impressive project that proves T-Shyne is a superstar whenever he steps on stage. His dynamic range is further evidenced by his reach, which emits a top-tier artistic presence.

As he continues to cement his signature lyrical style, T-Shyne is creating his own space within mainstream music. Constantly making a name for himself within the rap game, T-Shyne returns with back to back drop offs in 2022! As a result, he is dedicated to laying down the foundation for his next musical chapter and you won’t want to miss it!

Now, the emerging emcee is as ecstatic as ever with the release of his new album, Confetti Nights, which was executive produced by Young Thug and NBA legend Kevin Durant. Confetti Nights, serves as the official follow-up to the New York rhymer’s 2018 debut mixtape, The Immaculate. Which featured his first collaboration with Thug in their trendy track titled, “Side Steppin”. Fast forward to today and the project is led by lead single “30 For 30,” which parallels T- Shyne’s music career to a basketball player’s progression from high school to the pros.

“Still Ain’t Finished”…

Shooting to win with the release of his debut project with Young Stoner Life/300 Entertainment, T-Shyne also unveils the official music video for “Still Ain’t Finished” with fellow Young Stoner Life Records signee Gunna.

Next, pulling back the curtains on his latest EP, T-Shyne shines light on the project creation process with executive producer Kevin Durant and more with the release of Confetti Nights Documentary (PART ONE)

Overall, T-Shyne is declaring his position in the rap game with his latest offerings of Confetti Nights backed by his EP’s docuseries! Stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine as we got to chop it up with this trailblazing talent! We talk Confetti Nights, his artistry, future features, and more ; take a look! 

T- $hyne Talks #Top5, Confetti Nights, and more! 

  • Hey T-Shyne! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chop it up with me today on behalf of KAZI Magazine. Before we jump into everything T-Shyne and CONFETTI NIGHTS, let’s take it back to the beginning. Tell us more about who T-Shyne is and where it all began…

I’m T-Shyne, a YSL recording artist from New York! I got backgrounds from Long Island, New York, to the Hamptons, all the way to the Bronx. So you know, those are some of my connections to my artistry,  and I’ve also lived in Harlem as well. So yeah, I’m just an artist from New York trying to do my thing!”

-T-Shyne, 2022
  • Now, let’s jump into your artistry… What’s your creative process like?

“When I go to the studio, it’s really off the top of the dome. I don’t really write anything down. But it’s also kind of like writing too. Sometimes I do like punch-ins where I just think of it line by line, know what I’m saying? Then sometimes I just freestyle a whole part and if it comes out right, I just keep it like that, too. So it just depends on the vibe”. 

– T-Shyne, 2022
  • Fresh off the release of your trendy EP, can you describe how it feels to be in this cyclone of great fortune that you’re experiencing right now? How are you handling all of it?

“Oh, man it feels really good. I’m just happy that you know, after such a brief break that everybody’s loving the project. You know what I’m saying? That was my main thing. Obviously, I wanted to make sure everybody liked it and I just came correct on it. And I think I did my thing and just by the reactions and what people are saying it seems like everybody’s rockin’ with it too. So I’m very very excited about that for sure.”

– T-SHYNE, 2022
  • What’s it like dropping your first project with Young Stoner Life Records after inking a deal about two years ago? What was the call like? 

“Yeah, it’s great. Just being signed to YSL is amazing. Like one thing that we always say to everybody is before anything we’re a family you know, I’m saying like I know it’s a record label but we met on like family terms you know, we met each other and then we all built relationships. It wasn’t just like, Yo consign I want to make music it was like literally like whether it was back in the day when we were like carrying thugs bags for instance or anything like that. Like we all put in work to get to this point you know what I’m saying. Now we are finally at this point, and it’s great — it’s amazing like it’s family so it’s dope!”

– T-SHYNE, 2022
  • With outside being back open, I’m sure you’re ready to keep shutting down stages! With that being said, as an emcee, rappers always have a particular record they love to perform that really sets the tone. What’s your go-to track to perform? 

“You know from this upcoming project I can’t wait for our “Still Ain’t Finished” record to be done. I think that’s gonna go crazy live!  I can just imagine the crowd now you know, soon as that turns on I know it’s gonna be crazy. So when we get back to doing these festivals and things I know it’s gonna be just, you know, crazy”.

-T-SHYNE, 2022
  • Most definitely because all the crazy love that you’re getting just from the video you already know unless you step outside they hear that beat & it’s lit! The crowd is going crazy.

“It’s a Weezy beat so you already know what Weezy gonna do so. It’s a perfect setup for a live show, you know?!”

-T-SHYNE, 2022

Confetti Nights 

  • As the artist, how would you say Confetti Nights differs from your previous project, 2018’s The Immaculate?

“Most definitely more flows and just the content is different you know… I’ve grown. I’ve seen a lot more since then, you know? Life experiences in general have just gone to such a different level. And you know, there’s so much more to talk about for instance. So I would just say it’s just a growth project. Even listening to it, you can hear it through the music that is in there, you know, I’m saying so definitely that’s the difference between those two projects for sure”.

– T-SHYNE, 2022
  • Laced with 15-tracks, “Still Ain’t Finished” most definitely comes as a fan favorite, but which record would you cite as your personal favorite? 

“Yeah, that’s a hard one. But I’d probably say “Speak My Truth” and then like, whoa, “Fighting Demons” too. Those are some of the ones that stand out for me. But like you said they’re all my baby so I like them all”. 

– T-SHYNE, 2022
  • From start to finish, the project is back to back bangers. I have a few favorites like “Top 5”, “Geeked Up” and “Log Out”, but “Speak My Truth” really hits for me. Please tell me more about the inspiration behind that record? 

My life, you know, that’s just life to speak my truth. It’s just all the things, different things, I’ve gone through – different moments in my life. And I just wanted to put it all in the record, just you know, it’s kind of like a get to know me type of vibe, you know. Wanting to just talk about these different things that I’ve been through in the record. That’s why it’s probably one of my favorite records, because it’s like a more personal one. Obviously, there’s other songs that I know are personal, but that’s probably definitely one of my favorites, for sure”. 

– T-SHYNE, 2022
  • Also, congratulations on all the love backing your project! Well deserved. Many may not know, but it was executive produced by Young Thug and Kevin Durant. Can you tell us more about the collaborative experience? 

“Well, for KD, that was really just us, like, you know, going back and forth on Instagram and DMS, you know. It was just just like kind of him respecting my music and just me. Honestly, he’s one of my favorite basketball players so, you know, it’s just like, a respect thing. And then we met at rolling loud in New York he came to my studio session and we started kicking it. And like we spoke about before, with anything else, you build a relationship with someone and then you know, the closer you get, then you might, get close enough when then they say, Hey, man, it might be dope if you do this project.

Especially KD, like, he’s really into music, he has a great music ear. He’s tuned in, he’s always posting and sharing different things that he’s listening to and stuff. So, you know, I definitely feel it was a great experience. Also just to have him and Thug on there was amazing! You know, Thug’s ear and creativity is like, no other. He can make a great song in a split second, like that fast. So just having both of both of their ears, I think it was perfect. And I think it shows with the project, like, okay, these guys really put in work and listen to the music. They didn’t just put a whole bunch of songs together, you know!” 

– T-SHYNE, 2022
  • In fact, you just dropped off the first installment to your Confetti Nights Documentary where you reflect on the creation behind the new project a little within that 7 minutes. What else can we expect from the documentary and when’s the next part dropping?!

“Yeah, we’re dropping the next part soon. And there’s a few. I think it’s like four or five, if I’m not mistaken. Even in the first one, you see the thing with my sister, and you know, stuff like that. So it’s like, very personal. To be real, I hadn’t seen my sister in like over 20 years. So when we met again, not met again. But when we linked up in New York, that was a special moment. And you know, like, just seeing her cry, she had her kids there and you know, my niece and my nephew. It’s just dope to just be able to just get back together with the family. It obviously touches on the music stuff, but then, it goes deeper and deeper. 

For instance, I take everybody to the Bronx to where I used to live out in the Bronx to see the different spots where I lived at. I even brought them to places I used to, you know, trap at and whatever you know, just different places. And I go through it. Then I show up even from the Bronx to Long Island to like everywhere and everything. So there’s definitely a whole experience for sure”. 

– T-SHYNE, 2022
  • With a slew of all-star collaborations including but not limited to: (GUNNA, YOUNG THUG, MEEK MILL, 6LACK, SWAE LEE, NAV, JID, DOUGIE F & WESTWAY). Are there any forthcoming features we should keep an eye out for? Or that you’d like to happen in the future? 

“I think it’d be dope if me and Adele got together, for sure. But like, you know, I can’t wait. So That’d be dope. But like, of course, there’s gonna be features. A lot more of expected features, of course, like me and Lil Baby stuff like that, you know. Also, I definitely want to get something with Future. Just, you know, the guys, of course. Then, as you know, I’m from New York so the ultimate goal, of course, would be to do a record with Jay Z at some point. So we are definitely working our way up to more fire features!”

– T-SHYNE, 2022

What’s Next for T-Shyne? 

  • We are excited to hear more about your craft and what you’re currently focused on, what’s next for T-Shyne?

I mean, my focus is definitely right now on the project, but I mean, of course, I got my hands in other things. I’m definitely doing my thing in the NFT world right now. So I’ve been doing a lot of that. But yeah, the main focus right now definitely is, Confetti Nights — that’s where we are for sure!” 

– T-SHYNE, 2022
  • Lastly, is there a message that you’d like to leave with fans? 

“Think about it. You only fail if you give up… don’t!”

– T-SHYNE, 2022
  • Thank you so much again for taking time out to chop it up with myself and KAZI Magazine for this dope interview! It was a pleasure speaking with you. I know myself and the fans included are excited to keep enjoying these Confetti Nights with you!



Editorial Staff

13 June, 2022

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