Queen Naija: R&B’s New Breath of Fresh Air

Queen Naija is only 25 but has accomplished more than most people do in a lifetime. Most known for her viral YouTube channel, Queen’s fanbase is huge. The entertainment industry can be something that sucks the life out of you. Luckily, Queen’s faith in God and humble beginnings keep her grounded. Although she decided to put her life on the front street, no one signs up for the backlash she receives. I admire her because she finds a way to stay strong and focus on the positives. Her authentic personality is/will be why she continues to grow as a star in the R&B space.

Although Queen’s YouTube channel mainly focuses on her family, people are now growing more fond of her music. With the arrival of her 2018 self-titled debut EP, Queen emerged as a remarkable new voice in the R&B world. At this point, Queen has amassed over 1.7 billion combined global streams. Queen Naija has received Platinum plaques for her singles: “Butterflies,” “Karma,and her breakthrough hitMedicine. Her new album ‘missunderstood’ boasts impressive features from Lil Durk, Russ, Mulatto, Toosii, Jacquees, Lucky Daye, Kiana Ledé, and more.

Before releasing her new LP, Queen sat down with us in one of her most transparent interviews ever. Read below to hear more from R&B’s newest breath of fresh air.

AD: First things first, you are about to drop your debut album; how does that feel?

I’m excited, its just a bit complicated you know? COVID-19 has made it hard for me to do the proper rollout for the album. Mainly, I want to drop it because I love the music, and I’m sure everyone will enjoy it too. I am tired of waiting, just like everybody else.

-Queen Naija

AD: The Wale single, Butterflies Pt. 2 is crazy! How did that come about?

Queen: Honestly, the label kind of put that together. Me and him never really discussed the record. The first version was blowing up on SoundCloud, so the label decided that it would help to add him to the remix. I loved listening to Wale when I was in high school, so this was a dope moment for my career.

AD: Family is obviously important to you, how do they push you to continue to grow as an artist?

Queen: First of all, my kids are my motivation. I really want to make a better life for them outside of just money. Them seeing me push towards the things I want to do, is how I lead. There was a time after I had my first son(CJ) that I thought I would be working a 9-5 for the rest of my life. Then my YouTube started to grow, and I thought maybe it would be that! Now, YouTube has become the bridge that delivered me to my ultimate goal of being a recording artist.

AD: You have been making waves for a while. What do you want people to take from your upcoming album?

Queen: I want people to know I am more than a girl who has been cheated on. I’m tired of the questions about the infidelity I experienced before. My fans are going to hopefully be motivated to push towards their dreams regardless of their situation. I have peeled back the layers of my soul on this project. People are going to know me a lot more after they listen to this album.

AD: If you had dinner and could only invite 5 musicians whose work you enjoy(DOA), who would those people be?

I would invite Whitney Houston, Aaliyah, ooh Beyoncé has to come! Rihanna is a lock, and SZA would be a perfect 5th. I could most definitely say that Whitney inspired my sound. R&B and soul music, in general, have help mold who I am today.

-Queen Naija

AD: Your song “Lie To Me” with Lil Durk has become a fan favorite. Can you walk us through how this collaboration came together?

Queen: So back in 2018, me and A Boogie had a song with that sample and I wanted to drop it on my album so bad. Fast forward to now, Boogie wasn’t able to do the song at the moment and London Jae thought it would be perfect to call Lil Durk for it. We were actually supposed to work before on his track “HomeBody” but I was pregnant at the time. I was excited that we were able to get the track and the video done. Durk was extremely helpful and was willing to get everything done to make the song a success.

AD: Can you tell me about your writing process and how you come up with such relatable songs?

Queen: Honestly, it just happens that way. Obviously, I try to make things that I know will be catchy. Working with co-writers on this album has helped me grow as an artist. I only have my own vocabulary and experiences. Collaboration sometimes helps me when I have writer’s block. When I make music, I think of the melody first. Sometimes, I will literally go into the mic and say gibberish until I can find the words.

AD: If you had to choose between never dropping a song again or never dropping a YouTube video, which one would you choose?

Queen: I would probably say never drop a YouTube video again because I already did that. Mainly, I want people to listen to my music more. It’s my passion. Also, there are other ways to show content outside of YouTube so that I wouldn’t stop anyway.

AD: Do you have any advice for people who are a jack of all trades and are looking to focus on one thing at a time?

Queen: Focus on your passion. I wouldn’t say completely stop everything else, but you may have to put it to the side for a second.

AD: Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?

Queen: My album just dropped, so it is about to get real heated. I really want my house built by then! We move around so much, so now I want to have my home built now. Investing is something that I am truly looking to get into. I cannot wait to get back on the road and tour. Lastly, I want to win some awards and not just be nominated for them.

Queen Naija is not your typical artist. She’s already a huge star before her debut LP dropped. Her authenticity and openness will hopefully push her to the top of the charts soon. She’s balancing the whole world on her shoulders and making it look effortless. Her music has become fresh air in a world that seems harder to breathe in every day.

Stream missunderstood” on all platforms and follow @queennaija for more exciting updates!

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