OTF Has The Rap Game in A Chokehold

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12 April, 2021

OTF is nothing like your normal rap collective. Their brotherhood stretches far beyond just music. A wise man once said you could never judge a person when they are comfortable. You can only judge them by what they adapt to. Adversity is something we all face, and the way OTF handles it further proves why remaining loyal is important. Today, Lil Durk has ascended to become one of the top talents in Hip-Hop. He understands that he could get to the point he is at now with the support of his fans but most importantly, his team. With his light brighter than ever before, he is continuing to share it with his OTF team members.

OTF's King Von

The follow-up to 2019’s Family Over EverythingLoyal Bros features new music from Lil Durk, King Von, and Booka600Memo600TimoDoodieLo, and the rest of the OTF crew. Needless to say, the impactful collective did what needed to be done on the 23-song LP.

“It’s one thing having success for your own achievements, it’s whole nother level when my brothers and family are enjoying in that success as well as a label”

– Lil Durk

Chicago is widely regarded as one of the most dangerous cities in the world. All of the members of OTF have all had to witness hatred, betrayal, death, and crime growing up. After listening to tracks like “Streets Raised Me” & “Game Face,” you realize that growing up in the streets can leave you numb to it all. Losing your loved ones to violence, incarceration, or natural causes so often makes your support system even more important. OTF has each other’s back, and they will protect and support their family for life. Loyalty is everything, and they have a lot of it. Our conversation with the battled-tested camp was one of the most interesting ones yet. It would be a challenge to find a more authentic group of individuals.

Check out our intricate conversation below!

Ahmad Davis: This is the 4th collaboration project from OTF. How does this one differ from the other ones?

Memo600: A lot of different stuff happening now. We have been through a lot more since the last one. This one is just bigger for us. Man, Long Live King Von!

Booka600: It’s just a real experience now. It is up to be able to show our everyday OTF family and crew.

Timo: It’s my first time on the collaboration project! It is a couple of the member’s first time, so we all hype for the reception to the tape.

AD: What is the song you all look forward to performing most?

Timo: That record “JUMP“! Boy I ain’t going to lie I cannot wait to perform that one.

Booka600:Out The Roof” probably my favorite song off the tape. I feel like it’s going to do numbers at the shows.

Doodie Lo: “Me & Doodie Lo” is a heater. That song is going to have everybody turns up when we perform, I already know.

AD: The project is 24 tracks with endless features. How does it feel to be respected by so many different artists in the industry?

Booka600: You get respect when you get it!

Memo600: I swear I was going to say the same thing. We appreciate everybody who is on the project. We give respect out, and for that reason, everyone else gives it back.

AD: What does Chicago mean to you all? At this point, there are streets and neighborhoods in your city that people know around the world. How does that feel?

Timo: That’s me through and through. That’s where I was born and raised it is my motivation.

Booka600: Chicago is life. There would be no us without Chicago to be real. We just moved out of the city recently for the music, but the Raq will always be home.

AD: Who do you all listen to on the day to day?

Timo: To be honest, I really only listen to us. Like, of course, when we out and stuff, we listen to whatever is spinning and hot in the clubs, but outside of that, it’s only OTF.

Memo600: Hell yeah, I do not listen to anyone else but us. Only the family. It gives me the chills because it inspires me. I listen to Lil Baby & EST Gee but outside of that most people be weird. I cannot just rock with anyone if I do not believe what they rap about.

Booka600: We listen to Polo G, G Herbo, but mainly just the gang. They really like family to us in our eyes. We have so much music though so mainly I am just listening to the team.

AD: What songs do you all look forward to shooting the videos for? Also, are yall ready to go on the road?

Memo600: Man, that “Do It For Von” video is going to go crazy bruh.

Timo: Yeah, we got other videos coming too but we excited to start performing at more shows. We always are together we really a family bro.

Booka600: This summer is about to go crazy because we going to do whatever we have to do to make it pop.

AD: What does loyalty mean to you all?

Timo: Staying true in front of me and when I am not around.

Booka600: Being connected at all times fr. That’s what it is to me. No snake shit.

Memo600: It can mean a lot of different things. Mainly, it just means stay who you no matter what happens. Staying solid is important.

AD: A lot of people across the world take a lot of Chicago slang from your music. Does that bother yall or does it flatter you guys?

Timo: To be honest, I do not really care gang.

Memo600: Nah, I am going to keep it real. That shit bothers me a lot because people ain’t authentic. Like tell me you fanned out; I don’t care, but just don’t be lame about it. You got people like CJ flagging our song and then making a fake version of it. They turned a song for the trenches into something people shaking their ass to. The original song was one with Von and me, and they took ours down, changed the beat a little, and made that.

Booka600: It’s like energy foreal. It lets us know people are living off what we created. We are the wave right now. It ain’t no big deal because we know where it comes from.

Make sure to stream the collective’s new LP Loyal Bros and follow OTF on social media for more music updates! #LLKV

Editorial Staff

12 April, 2021

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