OMB Peezy Is The Music Industry’s Missing Piece

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23 August, 2022

OMB Peezy Opens Up About DJ Drama Collab, Hood Essentials, What’s Next, & More! STAY TUNED FOR THE EXCLUSIVE BELOW…

Breaking barriers and boosting entertainment worldwide, is rising rhymer and entertainer, OMB Peezy! Born in the Bible Belt’s buckle— Mobile, Alabama— Peezy has faced his fair share of adversity. Rather than succumbing to false parables, OMB Peezy carved his own path to hip-hop stardom by speaking about the only thing that matters—the truth.

Whether within his music or his “Hood Essentials” segment online, Peezy is giving fans the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Peezy, like any great prophet, used his trials to guide him. When he was 12, his mother packed up their belongings and relocated them to Sacramento, California.

Bringing It Back To The Beginning… 

Instead of hiding his pain, the Alabama-bred, California-raised creative remained true to his Alabama roots, allowing the trauma to fuel his music. In fact, it was his traumatic move and introspective approach to music that drew the attention of one of hip-hop’s heavyweight legends, E-40. As a result, Peezy committed to his craft and was co-signed by the “It’s Hard Not To” rapper which landed him his first record deal.

When asked what led to his initial connection with E-40, Peezy highlights that it was his ability to dig deep into himself lyrically so that his rhymes humanize those who think like him.

He liked how I was telling my story. How I was narrating my life… Anyone can talk about killing. He liked that I would talk about what led me to do those bad things”.

Humble Beginnings & A Preacher To The Streets

Since the start of his budding career, Peezy would then go on to capture the hearts, ears, and attention of the world. Bursting onto the scene with his breakout banger “Lay Down” in 2016, he garnered great feedback which led to him inking a deal with 300 Entertainment. After penning his career with 300, he quickly got to work with the release of his debut EP, Humble Beginnings. His hustle and footwork laid the foundation for standout singles like “Doin Bad” featuring YoungBoy Never Broke Again. Following Humble Beginnings, he released the Sherwood Marty-collaborated mixtape Young & Reckless before releasing his aptly titled 2018, Preacher to the Streets project.

This project, Preacher to the Streets positioned Peezy and his career to elevate to new heights. Without a doubt, his career skyrocketed! Obviously, Peezy’s talent and the respect received in which he had earned, culminated in the acclaimed album. Additionally demonstrating this admiration was the project’s star-studded appearances. Which featured fan-favorites like Boosie Badazz, T.I., Lil Durk, G-Eazy, and others.

In The Meantime, Too Deep For Tears … 

Keeping up the momentum, Peezy would later release his 2020 mixtape, In The Meantime. In doing so, the project did just what the title suggests… it gave fans something to get them through the lockdown. His mixtape included this raving record, “Sleep At Night”. It would also include a remix to his viral single “Big Homie,” which amassed over 31 million views and counting on YouTube. Next, Peezy enlists Sniper Gang’s Jackboy and the late King Von for the album cut. The mixtape, released at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, served as music for fans to listen to “in the meantime” while he worked on his debut album — Too Deep For Tears. 

Peezy’s realistic outlook on life is continued on Too Deep For Tears, which also features Blac Youngsta, Jacquees, and Rylo Rodriguez. On the project, he not only deals with the death of his former label situation, but he also mourns with the loss of his grandmother and the perils of the justice system.

“My cousin Timothy Milton. … They gave him 99 years for a robbery,” Peezy said when explaining his album’s title. “From the outside looking in, I’m like ‘Damn, 99 years for a robbery?’ But on the inside looking out, he’s like ‘It’s my fault.’ … He was like ‘Shit, it’s too deep for tears.’”

When it comes to the rap game, being loved and admired are not the same as being a legend. Being admired in hip-hop can be a fleeting experience. People admire your ascension, despise your reign, and rejoice at your demise. To be accepted, one may have to compromise themselves and their story in order to achieve the quick flame of fame. Nonetheless, OMB Peezy was able to avoid these stumbling blocks with a rapid rise by simply telling the truth.

Pastor P Pushes The Culture Forward 

Pastor P has become a pillar in Alabama’s burgeoning hip-hop scene by recalling his life like The Gospel. As a result, he’s paved a path from Mobile to Sacramento that will allow him to bring stories to life outside of music while becoming the legend he deserves to be.

As summer comes to close, OMB Peezy is making sure he keeps the streets hot. On August 19th, OMB Peezy unleashed his highly anticipated album, MisGuided courtesy of An OverKill Entertainment/ 300 Entertainment for Gangsta Grillz’ latest installment including hosting by DJ Drama. On his newest offering, Peezy rises to a pinnacle point with diamond-encrusted lyrical flexes and storytelling that certifies his artistic magnetic appeal. The fresh release features fellow heavyweight artists NLE Choppa, Morray, and G Herbo.


The arrival of his sixteen-track project, MisGuided serves as a product of the prolific rising rhymer’s natural talent as an artist. It showcases how he has thrived from self-growth and fatherhood. The new offering highlights in-studio collaborations with elite producers Murda Beatz (Drake, Gucci Mane), Hitmaka (Lil Wayne, Chris Brown), HicksMadeThat (Young Boy Never Broke, Yung Bleu), anongst others. In addition the project’s popularly acclaimed track, “Mufasa” featuring G Herbo is included and is still doing numbers. MisGuided features an array of tracks that magnify the lack of education OG’s passed down to the youth as Peezy takes complete charge to end the cycle. Peezy talks about the hard lessons he had to learn the hard way and how he’s breaking the cycle with his son.

The Inspiration 

He utilizes this masterpiece to speak from a newly adapted perspective as a father. Besides, when speaking on the inspiration backing the title of his latest release, Peezy goes on to say: 

I came up with this title thinking about my childhood and the things I used to see as a kid. I saw things dat I didn’t know were wrong until later on in life. Things that the older people around me made seem cool or ‘The way of life’ as I always looked at it. Dat made me realize dat I’m not the only kid who went through this, it’s kids goin’ through this right now and don’t even kno. I just want to show them that they are being misguided before it’s too late.”            

– OMB Peezy

Peezy paints a vivid picture of his pain and struggle leading up to this point, but ultimately proves that all trials lead to triumphs. The project concludes with a triumphant, base-knocking outro reminiscent of nostalgic Rap splendor, designed to inspire and evoke the energy of the streets in the global masses. OMB Peezy turns a new page as once being MisGuided to standing tall masterfully in his craft and the man he’s become today! Don’t believe me? Take a look at the fired-up tracklist below. 


  1. First Day
  2. Straight Up
  3. More Bodies
  4. Simulation
  5. Pour One
  6. Death Row
  7. Ronald Reagan
  8. Hard On Me
  9. Make Me Proud
  10. Need Your Space
  11. “Mufasa” ft. G Herbo
  12. Let That Happen
  13. Tell You
  14. I Did ft. NLE Choppa
  15. Real Shit ft. Morray
  16. MisGuided Outro

OMB Peezy On Tour With Kevin Gates

Consequently, slated to take his victory lap on the heels of his latest release, the Mobile, Alabama native is gearing up to hit the road for the nationwide Big Lyfe tour with Kevin Gates. 

Furthermore, this lyrical anomaly will be taking part in the highly anticipated thirteen date tour making stops across the country. Jump starting a new chapter that will take him to new heights, the tour will kick off on August 23, 2022 in Oklahoma City, OK. For additional tour information, visit:

Also, peep the tour stops below to see when OMB Peezy will be in your city! 

OMB PEEZY U.S. Tour Dates

Date / City / Venue

  • 08/23/2022 – Oklahoma City, OK – Paycom Center
  • 08/25/2022 – Albuquerque, NM – Tingley Coliseum
  • 08/26/2022 – Phoenix, AZ – Arizona Federal Theatre
  • 08/27/2022 – Riverside, CA – Riverside Municipal Auditorium
  • 08/29/2022 – Sacramento, CA – Sacramento Memorial Auditorium
  • 09/01/2022 – Boise, ID – Revolution Concert House at Event Center 
  • 09/02/2022 – Salt Lake City, UT – The Complex 
  • 09/06/2022 – Omaha, NE – Baxter Arena
  • 09/29/2022 – Charleston, SC – North Charleston Coliseum & Performing Arts Center
  • 09/30/2022 – Nashville, TN – Nashville Municipal Auditorium
  • 10/12/2022 – Shreveport, LA – Shreveport Municipal Auditorium
  • 10/13/2022 – Little Rock, AR – Simmons Bank Arena
  • 10/14/2022 – Pensacola, FL – Pensacola Bay Area

OMB Peezy adds another dose of momentum with the unveiling of his latest visuals for trendy track titled,”100,” courtesy of 300 ENT. Undoubtedly, his Murda Beatz-produced record delivers pulsating pressure as OMB Peezy delves deep into his journey to a successful career.

The Revealing Of “Real Sh*t”

He recently returned to drop off the visuals for his imminent hit “Real Shit” featuring Mooray as well. Press play here! 

On the other hand, aside from his extremely reactive appeal in music, fans have naturally gravitated toward him via his OMB Series with #HoodEssentials. He has been praised for giving fans and followers a chance to see his watch-worthy day-to-day through his ‘Hood Essentials With OMB Peezy’ series designed to watch on YouTube. Furthermore, be sure to give his MisGuided album a spin and run itt up on your preferred DSP. For now, keep reading and get familiar with this rising rhymer as Peezy and I get into all things music, MisGuided, HoodEssentials, and more! 

OMB Peezy: The Interview 

  • Hey Peezy! Thank you so much for taking the time out to speak with me on behalf of KAZI Magazine! We are excited to have you! Let’s jump right in — who is OMB Peezy & where did it all begin? 

OMB Peezy is a advocate for quality Street Music. Feel me? I’m one of the ones that is still pushing quality street music. It all started in my Grandmama backyard in Mobile, Alabama.

  • What’s your creative process like? Do you put pen to paper or just punch in and out? 

Shit, really the only thing I focus on is the harmonies and melodies, ya feel me? Then everything else that I have seen in the last couple of weeks or months. It just be coming because my mind remembers what it wants to remember lol! Then it just comes to me and I get going.

Yeah, I got the memory of an elephant and I can and can’t control it. Because it remembers what it wants to remember — idk it’s crazy lol

  • While we are still in a pandemic and with everything going on in the world, as an artist, how has it affected the way you release music and your creative process?

I think it made me release music more . I’ve been making so much music that it’s crazy. I’ve been making like twice the amount of music. It’s making me want to put my music out!

  • Also, who would you credit as your musical inspirations? 

I would say the things that I have seen in life. All of my surroundings really.

The Musical Journey Of OMB Peezy

  • Early in your career, you were co-signed by E-40, before dropping your 2016 breakout banger, “Lay Down”. Shortly after you inked a deal with 300 Entertainment. Please tell us what that experience was like? 

Yeah, I had dropped that off first then nothing for a minute. Then it felt like 40 blessed me because then I started dropping back to back to back! Like that shit was just coming! Shit felt good. Especially as a youngin’.

  • Next, you went on to debut your EP Humble Beginnings. How would you say that EP changed your life? 

I feel like it changed my life for the better forever forreal. People honestly look like they didn’t know where I was coming from with that tape. Because with “Lay Down” I was on some more “bang, bang” type shit. Then when I dropped Humble Beginnings, I was like oh ok perfect! This is it.

  • Also, most recently you announced that you’ll be hitting the road alongside Kevin Gates for the nationwide ‘Big Lyfe’ tour. Congratulations! How did that opportunity come about? 

I’m mostly excited to see the fans and shit ya feel me? Also to travel. Also like, I really don’t know how I got on tour though forreal. Lol. But I’m happy as hell because Kevin Gates is one of my favorites forreal. I felt like it was a moment that God was just blessing me out of the blue. I just feel like it’s just another moment where he just lifts me up.

  • Additionally, let’s talk about your Hood Essentials! Many know you as an artist but not the funny, comical side of you – can you elaborate on that?

Well where I was coming from was that I wanted people to see my personality more. It started with a fan walking up to me. It was like she was scared to walk up to me because she thought I was unapproachable. That I look mean on Instagram and shit so I wanted fans to see that I’m cool dude to be around.

More On Misguided 

  • On the heels of your raving record “Mufasa” with G Herbo, the arrival of your highly anticipated Misguided mixtape is around the corner! First, how long did it take to curate the project and do you mind speaking on the inspiration behind it. 

I feel like it’s another example of my environment for sure inspiring this tape here. It honestly didn’t even take long to make the song “Mufasa” no cap. Made that shit in like 10 minutes. Shoutout to Hitmaka and G Herbo.

Oh, probably to the whole I’ve been working on it for about a year. I think that the oldest song on there is a year old
  • What about the whole project as a whole?

Oh, probably to the whole I’ve been working on it for about a year. I think that the oldest song on there is a year old

  • This new project will be released apart of the iconic Gangsta Grillz series by DJ Drama. Tell us more about how the collaboration came about.

Ya know, I’ve been fucking with DJ Drama since I was little. From when Wayne did Gangsta Grillz, ya feel me?! It was cool meeting DJ Drama but I ain’t gon’ lie, Gangsta Grillz was always in my plan. I’m like I HAVE TO GET A GANGSTA GRILLZ. That shi is legendary! So when that shit really came together, it made me happier than a MF!

  • Gearing up to its release, you’ve released your “Real Shit” record featuring Mooray to ready your listeners. What stood out about this single?  

Shit…I just want to really bring back real music. See everybody don’t know how to dance. Everybody like to see it but everybody ain’t trapping or don’t like clubs. But everybody has been through some shit ya feel me? So we just wanted to bring back that feeling on that song with everything going on right now.

  • I had a sneak peak listen & WHEW!! I’m all the way here for it. Loving the raw and realness in each record. From the production to the collaborations, it’s no skip necessary. I know for a fact the fans will be hype for this one. With that being said, would you say you’re in a good space creatively right now?

Yeah, I feel like I’m in a good space. I found out who I am as an artist and the repoire. I gotta give myself the time to go through shit and then get in the studio. I can’t just be in the studio every night. I’m going to run out of shit to talk about, feel me? I gotta give myself to go through life. Gotta understand the kinda artist you are and what kind of music you want to make.

What’s Next? 

  • Overall, you’ve collaborated with everyone from Young Boy NBA and Lil Durk to Boosie BadAzz and G Herbo throughout your career. Is there anyone left on your wishlist?

Kehlani. I really fuck with Kehlani and want to do one of them types of songs! Maybe to a drill beat.

  • As the year end is quickly approaching, can we expect any more music or visuals before the year is over following the EP?

Oh, yes. For sure! I’m bout to be dropping remix videos all the way up until the project. Then after the project I’m going straight back in and working on another tape.

  • Ohh is that so? Are you at liberty to disclose the title? If so, we’d love to know!

The name of my next tape is going to be called ‘Headphone Music‘”

  • In conclusion, what do you hope to do with your music and platform? 

Tap into the youth and build them up. I hope my music touches the hearts of my listeners.

  • Lastly, is there a message that you’d like to leave with fans? 

Yeah, Keep being yourselves man. Also listen to my music and keep running up my music. Put it in the eyes of yourself.



Editorial Staff

23 August, 2022

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