$NOT: A humble Soul With Great Talent

In the day and age of the majority of music artists using social media as a tool of exposure, $NOT stays true to his personality and lets music speaks for itself. The unique way of him using his hoodie to cover his face is not just an act, it’s him. From pick up basketball games at various gyms to trips to the grocery store, $not has a level rare to individuals of his status.

“When I’m playing basketball with people I don’t know at the gym, who cares about me celebrity status? We are hooping, we are equal. Of course, from time to time, some people realize who I am and ask for autographs. After that, I got to find a new gym ($not laughed).”

That interaction alone from my conversation with the rising star born in New York and raised in Florida spoke volumes about his character. The energy $NOT brings to the world is nothing but positive. For more background on $not, in 2018 his breakout single “Gosha” garnered millions of plays on all streaming platforms.

It showcased the fluidity of his artistry and the potential for his growth. Now in the present day, with Cole Bennet directed videos, notable features with Flo Milli, iann dior, & Denzel Curry, and an acclaimed album titled ‘Beautiful Havoc;’ $NOT is on the crepitus of stardom in 2021.

$NOT, the journey not the destination

It’s a beautiful journey the young artist has undergone the past few years. $NOT comes from modest beginnings. Experimenting with a friend on a regular mic in high school opened up his mind to music. However, when his friend’s cousin allotted higher grade equipment to $NOT, his artistry changed forever.

He became comfortable with developing his sound and embraced being a music artist. It’s beauty in the journey that defines $NOT more than the success. Sure, the recent times square Billboard $NOT and I joked as an XBOX achievement is fine. However, the process of getting there defines who he is more.

Normally, a huge celebration would be in order that would involve a heavy amount of liquor and vibes. For $NOT though, he just wants to hit the studio and come up with his next hit. It’s crazy to think the guy who partnered up with Denzel Curry for a single titled “Sangria.” a popular alcoholic beverage; referenced the song based on a soda who likes.

Peace never violence

Even with the concept and the all-pink outfits of the video, the word “peace” can best describe it. From $NOT’s voice to the zen-like appeal of the video, it calms the mind viewing it. It contradicts what a sangria would do to the normal person.

Then It dawned on me that he wasn’t a regular artist, more as a creative genius who views things differently. Thus the success of his music and his original visuals stem from his outlook on life. He doesn’t live for the type which leads to achievements that are not regular.

Much like his chill and laidback nature, his journey streamlined $NOT into the artist he is today. He just seems so even keel, everything naturally occurs to the young star. It’s like when a star quarterback is leading his team to victory in the last moment they don’t become a deer in headlight; $NOT is just like that but with music.

In control of his own destiny

Life is happening around $NOT and he takes it one step at a time. From pick-up games at gyms to studio sessions, he allows life to live. That might be a confusing statement at first but think about it. As people, we tend to chase our aspirations and run past them.

For him, he allowed it to come to him. Even better, the fame hasn’t changed $NOT. The young man remains humble and his genuine self. The drink sangria can actually be used to describe $NOT as a person. Being a combination of wine and hard liquor with juices, the sangria just naturally became a popular beverage for your average person.

The same concept can be applied to him. From his unique delivery, creative lyrics, and one-of-a-kind style, he naturally became popular with the common listener. He’s more than an artist but an overall positive force to keep on your radar for 2021. Do yourself a favor, check his latest visual “Sangria” out on YouTube, and pour yourself a glass.

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