Lakeyah: QC’s Heir To The Throne

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1 December, 2021

Lakeyah is genuinely becoming the Rap game’s female goat. Her tenacity and heart go way beyond her petite frame. She exudes a level of confidence that all of the greats before her did at the beginning of their career. Many would think being on a roster as loaded as QC’s would be intimidating. Lakeyah uses it as steam to power the locomotive that is her fast-rising rap career. Milwaukee is home to sports MVPs like Aaron Rodgers and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Now, Lakeyah is proving her value in just her first year in the league. Earlier this year, the Quality Control MC made waves with her impressive XXL Freshman Cypher performance. Her ferocious style stood out and proved that she belonged alongside Morray and former KAZI Magazine cover stars DDG and Coi Leray. The consensus is that there is no beat that the Wisconsin-bred MC cannot rip apart.

Photo courtesy of Chad Lawson via Biz 3

Lakeyah embodies all of the qualities of a budding musical superstar. She has the skills, looks, personality, and, most importantly, confidence to reach all heights. She cites her label CEO Pierre “P” Thomas and fellow label mates as her motivation to keep rising to the top. Although she is cocky and full of bravado in her songs, her humble spirit keeps her grounded. Our conversation came right after she tore down the stage as the direct opener for our KAZI Magazine cover alumni Toosii.

Her performance features her and multiple dancers who keep the crowd engaged throughout the whole show. Fans can be heard rapping her bars word for word at the top of their lounges. Her hard-hitting beats and infectious flows hit even harder live than they do in headphones/speakers. We discussed her introduction to P, her favorite people to work with, and her new project, My Turn (Gangsta Grillz: Special Edition), with the legendary DJ Drama during our chat.

Check out our dope conversation here below!

What’s up! Please introduce yourself to the world for those who do not know who you are?

Lakeyah: It’s Lakeyah! The female GOAT. QC’s princess!

We just watched you tear down the stage here, tell us how your first tour is going?

Lakeyah: It’s an experience. It is super great, though. I have a dope team, and I have also met a lot of people during my time. I enjoyed the love we got in Greensboro. They were turned up to the max.

You are from the midwest, Milwaukee to be exact. What is it mean to you to put on for a city that not many know for music?

Lakeyah: I take pride in being the first rap b*tch from my city. I cannot wait to keep building up and then return and do something positive for my hometown.

What is it about the producers that you work with that get you in your bag? Specifically, Reuel seems like someone who you work extremely well with?

Lakeyah: Reuel is my guy! I need a new pack from him like every month. He did my most recent single “313-414” with Tee Grizzley and my most famous song, “Female Goat“. He has that midwest sound that feels like home to me.

Speaking of Midwest, you and Tee Grizzley seem to have a really good working relationship. What is it about him that makes you guys’ work bounce off each other so well?

Lakeyah: The chemistry is there. We both are big on the boastful flow. We know how to talk choppy on beats and flow with each other well. Him being from Detroit, and me being from Milwaukee, that’s just in our soul.

Speaking of talking spicy, you have a prolific sh*t talker, DJ Drama on your latest project. How does it feel to have such a legend co-sign you so early on.

Lakeyah: It’s an honor. He said he had a long list of people who wanted to work with him. I wasn’t tripping because, man, I got mine *chuckles hard*.

Photo couresty of Chad Lawson via Biz 3

On another note, if I am not tripping I seen you tweet something about bringing over 30 wigs on tour. What was it like packing all of that?

Lakeyah: They all have their unique bag, so it is not even that bad. It’s a necessity. I got one for almost every date on tour. My favorite style is the 50 inch, and it’s probably my signature style. We are going to have a lot of different looks on this tour, though. I love wearing different colors.

This will only be our second time having a woman on the cover of our magazine. How does hearing that feel?

Lakeyah: It’s going to be lit! I am so appreciative, and these cover photos are going to look amazing. Shoutout to my stylist because this cover is going to come out so bomb.

Music needs people like Lakeyah. Her talent is enormous but who she is in her heart is what will make her a star. She is relentless and encompasses so much power in her tone. Her songs inspire a generation of women who want to push to be the best. There is something about her story that is different from the rest of the pack. With her work ethic and support from one of Hip-Hop’s biggest powerhouses at QC, she will be at the top of the game in no time. Lakeyah is here to stay, and she wants everyone to know that she will not take her foot off the gas anytime soon.

Follow her on social media and check out her newest LP, My Turn (Gangsta Grillz: Special Edition) below!

Editorial Staff

1 December, 2021

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