Key Glock: The Memphis Rap MVP

Key Glock started as Robin to Young Dolph’s Batman but has now found a way to carve his path. The Paper Route Empire emcee is no stranger to the spotlight since his first tape, Glock Season, in 2017. Known for his trunk-rattling beats and infectious ad-libs, Glock has found a lane in Hip-Hop. The first time I listened to Key Glock, it was NBA All-Star Weekend 2018 in L.A., and coincidentally, I had a bright yellow Ford Mustang and blasted “Russian Cream” on repeat with the top down for the whole trip.

Fast forward to today, he has dropped his new album Yellow Tape has dropped, and he is poised to pick up steam leading into his 20+ city tour with PRE lead man, Young Dolph. You have to be tough to come out of Memphis. The city does is no-nonsense, and every mainstream act has always remained tight-knit with the streets. Since the rise of Three Six Mafia, Memphis has consistently been a hub for Hip-Hop. With acts like Moneybagg Yo, Tay Keith, and now Glock, Tenessee will be in the mix for years to come.

My interview with Key Glock was different than most due to his energy. On or off the record, Glock is eager to let his voice be heard. His willingness to be open about his upbringing, standing in today’s industry and overall love for rap was admirable.

If you looked up “down south rapper,” you will see a picture of an iced out Key Glock standing tall. Glock makes the perfect music to just flat out grind. There were times in college when I was broke listening to his music, and I knew that I had to get it. His music is motivational. My homie Nae(@cmoneyy__) blasts his music and turns up at all his shows. She let me know that Glock is the perfect artist to listen to when you are on your grind. With the help of her and blasting the Yellow Tape on repeat, I was able to craft the great interview you will see below.

Our conversation will allow fans to learn what a day in the life of Key Glock is like. Be sure to read up below!

photo credit: ithinkethan

The Yellow Tape features stand out records like ‘Look At They Face” and “Mr. Glock.” Both singles feature hard-hitting bass and impressive verses from Memphis’s hottest youngin. Key Glock mentioned that he feels as if his life has come full circle. He used to pray for everything he has now, and the feeling is “unexplainable.” This makes him want to grind even harder than before. Glock also mentioned in one song that he felt like the money has him traumatized in the most positive way possible. Glock is just excited to have flipped his life around.

This month, Key Glock will be co-headlining a tour with his family and label boss, Young Dolph. He explained that performing with is family is exciting. Key Glock is looking forward to it going up like never before. He also exclaimed that Yellow Tape is his most significant project, and he cannot wait to perform the new tracks. His latest project shows that he can stand firm with Dolph but even stronger when he is alone. The project has no features, but that does not mean it does not have hits.

Glock believes that Hip-Hop is headed in the right direction… as long as he is rapping. Like Lil Wayne, he does not listen to many other artists. On Yellow Tape, he mentioned that Bandcamp and Sledgren were some of his favorite producers to work alongside. He never has features on his albums and does not look to change that. If rap were the NBA, Key Glock would be Ja Morant. Although he is new to the big leagues, he has become a staple early. After the Yellow Tape & his upcoming tour with Dolph, Glock will soon be a household name.

Follow Key Glock on I.G. @KeyGlock & be sure to check out his latest project, Yellow Tape today!

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