2001: An adolescent Hit-Boy buys his first album, The Blueprint

2013: Hit Boy is awarded his first grammy for “N***** in Paris” with Jay Z & Kanye West.


A focused spirit emirates from Hit-Boy, one brewed from calloused hands and inherent resolve. A child of the depraved underbelly that was the Reagan Era. At only three years old, Hit Boy’s father would be locked up on a lengthy sentence — undoubtedly a product of a systemically corrupt and still active “war” on drugs. “I remember pulling up to prisons when I’m four years old and just being like, yo, this is a whole different world here… and it’s mostly people that look like me,” Hit-Boy explained. 

As his early years in Pasadena came to an end, the initially frustrated teenager would movie to the IE and unknowingly escape a life-cycle that almost appeared pre-determined. “Most of my homies from Pasadena are locked up on some gang-banging shit or dead. I didn’t realize it at the time, but moving away saved my life and jumpstarted my career. I had to focus on the music, and I didn’t know anyone in Fontana,” he reiterated.

Hit-Boy Is Already Planning His Future

While adjusting to new spaces, the deep-rooted familial love for music became the primary focus. Having Rodney Benford from R&B super-group Troop as an uncle sure had its perks too. The surrounding display of success and a sustainable future was etched into Hit Boy’s budding mind. As his uncle would shut down city blocks for music videos, an observant Hit-Boy was already mapping his future. 

Endless nights of careful experimentation in FL Studio birthed a sound, Hits sound, that’s influenced billions of listeners across the world. Please consider the infinite number of DAW’s available touting their upgraded mechanics; Hit didn’t. Beginning with FL Studio at the first experiment, Hit-Boy hasn’t felt the need to change systems whatsoever. Over a decade into supreme sonic status, it’s undeniable that Hit-Boy’s individuality and gut choices have paid dividends. 

Dividends in multiple Grammy awards are honorable but not slightly close to Hit Boy’s intrinsic motivation. “The sole goal is the motivate, man. When people hear your shit and can go inspire others, you’ve done your job,” Hit-Boy emphasizes. 

From cutting hit records with Beyonce & Hov to Justin Bieber & Griselda, it’s abundantly clear Hit-Boy has hit his goal. Hustle and Motivate.

“Aye Hit, how we gone lose with shit like this?” – Conway (“Fear of God”)

Hip-Hop’s Lamar Jackson, a seemingly fitting name for one of rap’s undeniable dual-threats. As of recent years, Hit-Boy has taken his first love, rapping, back onto the main stage – and the cinema. Executively producing the soundtrack for Judas and The Black Messiah, Hit-Boy also wrote & rapped across the majority of the project. 

Hit-Boy Rapping

“It’s wild, people are still surprised I’m rapping. It’s dope that they’re finding it. It [people’s lack of knowledge] could be frustrating, but I can’t lean on that. Whoever wants to tap in is tapped in, whoever isn’t, isn’t.” 


This same mentality has carried Hit-Boy into a league of his own. While your favorite artist is entirely subjective, Hit Boy’s influence on music in its entirety isn’t. One of those influenced by his craft was the late & influential Nipsey Hussle. Hit Boy’s latest – and Nipsey’s first – grammy came with their collaboration with Roddy Rich on “Racks In The Middle.”

Speaking on his relationship with Nipsey, Hit-Boy reflected with candor. “I learned a lot from Nip. The biggest takeaway from our last time together with Racks In The Middle was appreciating the process. Everyone has their method and brings something valuable to the table. Respecting the process and growing with others is important, man.”

Check out Hit-Boy’s latest work on the Judas and The Black Messiah soundtrack, and stay tuned for the 2021 Grammy awards.

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