Fat Trel, A Free Man and A D.C. Icon In 2021

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12 November, 2021

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Fat Trel is back, the game should be on notice and here’s why!

Crazy to think how much time went by from the days Fat Trel went viral for his “ass eating comments” to his recent release from jail. A literal decade of good music with run in with the law has made Trel a standout in hip hop for years. While a troubled person, his soul is pure and I’m glad he is free.

Years back when he was a new act out of D.C. who was repping the city worldwide among other upcoming stars at the time such as Shy Glizzy, Chief Keef, A$ap Rocky, and many other current mainstays in music Trel came up with now make Trel’s return even more great!

His pen game can help him stand with the best rappers in the game while his soul allows him to be the voice of the streets. To put it simply, Trel’s voice is the real D.C. and is the best of the best not only to come from the city but hip hop.

So please put some respect on the fat fool’s name!

Who remembers this classic?

Being around all of the star power never took away from him but proved that Fat Trel belongs.

The talent Trel shown during that era is still there with his recent AMPD freestyle showing it; honestly he might have grown artistically and sonically. With age and reading novels from authors such as John Grissom have sharpened Fat Trel skills to another level of artistry. He has came out of incarceration with a level of hunger few if any current emcees can match and I’m here for it!

With heavy set rappers have been making noise lately such as Morray, Rod Wave, the late MO3, and more, the thought came to my mind, when will Fat Trel be free? And hopefully collaborate or stand beside them?

Well Trel is back now and along with other heavy set pioneers such as Ross and Fat Joe can usher in a new era of big boy rappers cause they’re some of the best! Don’t debate me, look at the late Biggie and Big Pun. All humor aside now……………

The king of Northeast D.C. is long overdue for superstardom and I’m praying everyday he can stay focused on the task ahead.

Circulating pictures and video of him with Icewear Vezzo, EST Gee, Lil Durk, Wale, and other artists have put him in a good light again! I’m happy for him and glad we can use our platform to give him our latest digital cover because it’s long overdue.

My personal favorite moment so far is seeing the love Rick Ross and Trel still have for each other, a moment of loyalty unmatched. In our recent sit down, Trel mentioned a few points that captured my interests that deserve highlights in this piece. First, mental health and how music artists should keep their mind as sane as possible.

Losing his brother Boosa was hard enough, being behind bars and battling other thing while it happened can take a toll on people.

For anybody reading this and hopefully checking out our video interview, keep in mind people of celebrity status are human. Sure we might give them public praise for their talents but they go through the same life we all go through.

Fat Trel himself is the best example of this, looking at him you might just view him as another artist. However, take away the music, affiliations, and lifestyle, you see that’s he’s just a man looking to better his life.

When he spoke to me about certain moments he felt he PTSD acting up due to life circumstances he has been through really put into perspective that we need to view him and other rappers as human beings with human flaws.

He’s looking to better this way of life for Boosa, his family, his MGE team, and the millions of fans who look up to him. We all love Trel’s talents but it’s that soul of his that keeps him in God’s grace!

Well spoken, hungry, talented, and ready to take over the world, Fat trel is back and better than ever! The wisdom Trel has been exuding recently makes me want to dub him Fat Fool The Wise but I’ll let him decide of he excepts that!

Speaking on his talents, he did reference names such as Cordae and Joey Bada$$ as artist he has something in the work; which with which makes me excited to hear Trel’s new music. In the meantime, we should all just catch up on his older music and enjoy that a street legend is free!

He’s more than a music artist at this point, he’s a legend from D.C.! Along with some of my favorites from Trel, check out the video for his new single “Last Day In” below!

Here are some of my favorites from Fat Trel


Editorial Staff

12 November, 2021

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