D Savage: The Young Megastar

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14 August, 2019

D Savage is bred differently. Resolute in his steps, the disparity on his block in Los Angeles wasn’t going to deter his vision. “I’m a real n****. Shit, it’s in my DNA.” 

Gaining serious traction at only 17, D Savage amassed millions of streams, dropped 2 full length projects and secured a spot as one of Hip-Hop’s most versatile emerging acts.

 Now 21, D Savage is fresh off his last release with the label with his album Trust No One. In the midst of major success, the maturing superstar is also undergoing grandiose changes in his career path as well. 

“I’m fucking excited for my transition back into the independent grind. Not any disrespect to the label, but I’m really looking forward to the new chapter. I was blessed for the opportunity to really start making hella money, but I’ve grown. I’m happy to have this change of pace.” D Savage explains passionately over the phone to me. 

Who wouldn’t be excited for the opportunity to be fully in charge of their creative endeavors? In an era of music monopolization, the consistent reminder to own your own craft has been cemented in the brains of artists over the past few years. Whether it’s Nipsey Hussle or DJ Mustard, artists are making it vehemently clear that they aren’t handing over their craft to anyone. 

Awareness has always been a trait held by D Savage. Whether it’s on the block with his 20’s, or in the studio crafting. “I’m always aware of my surroundings.” he reiterates to me. 

“Growing up around here really makes you numb to this shit. I try to think long-term, but shit – it could all be over tomorrow.”

By sheer coincidence, the block D Savage proudly reps is also that of the veteran, and immensely talented rapper – JAG. Though over 10 years apart in age, D Savage explained how he was still able to absorb wisdom from JAG. 

JAG really was a big brother figure. He always made a n**** feel like he had someone on his side, you feel me? It’s a family type bond. He gave me that wisdom when I needed it.”

The same energy that propelled him on the block would propel Savage into success at an early age. Once officially signed to a two project contract with Capitol Records, Savage set his focus on the plan for a full tape. The first project D Savage would release as a part of that contract would be titled, D Phoenix

That debut tape consisted of heavyweight features from acclaimed hip-hop artists, Lil Yachty and Ty Dolla $ign. Budding superstar Yung Bans made an appearance as well. 

While the doors of Hip-Hop’s upper echelon opened up quickly for the savvy emcee, it wasn’t always congenial. Early in his career, D Savage linked up with Cutthroat Records and LA Rapper Joey Fatts. That connection is no longer alive. 

“Shit, you know I was just going crazy with the rap shit. He ended up DMing me on Instagram. Tried to feel it out, fucked with it for a little bit but it just didn’t work.”

Unfazed by minor setbacks, Savage is confidently demanding his respect. When I asked him what he attributed his extraordinarily swift success in Hip-Hop to, he didn’t hesitate in his response. 

“I was lucky meeting the right people at the right time man. Shit is a blessing. It’s also how I present myself. I’m a real n**** bro. I handle my business, I think that’s key. You can tell a lot about a person on how they carry themselves. I’m not on any weird shit.”

The confidence in his voice echoed clearly through the phone. Throughout the plethora of life-changing experiences D Savage has undergone, he remains able to detail them with clarity. Compelled by this confidence, I felt it necessary to ask the 21 year old superstar if there was ever a moment he was either humbled, or blown away at how others went about their craft.

His response blew me away. 

Without hesitation D Savage yells through the phone, “Juice Wrld, Juice Wrld, Juice Wrld. I was in the studio with him and that n**** can make a whole album in 30 minutes. The speed and quality of his work is fucking ridiculous. I was blown away by this man’s talent.”


While D Savage doesn’t create full length albums in 30 minutes, he’s very comprehensive with his creative process. “I’m a demon. Shit, I’ll be up from 12-6 AM just working on it all. The night allows me to be unbothered by the outside noise,” Savage explains. 

“Even if I’ve had a busy day, I’m always making time to have that creative space at the end of the day. I just started making beats again heavily, so I’ll always be in the studio working on my shit.”

Looking back on the past 2 years of undeniable success, it’s clear that D Savage has grown exponentially.

“I look back and I feel like I kind of rushed it [D Phoenix]. With Trust No One, the time spent in the studio was much more extensive. I don’t write my verses, so the time I spend in the booth is key. 

Aside from his craft, he’s got his eyes out for the snakes who lay waiting to plot on his success. 

“As I get older, it’s getting easier to see who’s out here acting funny. It goes to show, that in the game – nothing is at it seems. When shit gets real though, shit gets ALL THE WAY REAL. Especially in LA. Me and Jag are some 20’s bro. That’s gang shit. It’s all positive energy, but n***** know.. out here if you act up it’s going to be your ass.”

D Savage’s latest album, was a testament to that resilience. Stay tuned for the new independent work from the Hip-Hop’s emerging new superstar.

Editorial Staff

14 August, 2019

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