Aitch Raises the Bar

The Brit-nominated, global rap star who is currently scaling millions of followers and over 1 billion streams, we give all the praise and respect to the UK legend, Aitch. Working hard on his new release for the past year, we have finally been gifted with his new album, “Close to Home.” Ironically enough, Aitch is usually always on the go and not necessarily always home, but what he does have close to him is his loved ones. So for that, he explains how the title is tied into his daily life whether if he’s on the go, his loved ones around him is what makes him close to home.

Though he has had multiple projects he admires, this one in particular is one that stands out to him because the journey throughout this moment has unfolded loads of growth and a multitude of eye opening experience. He explains that all the songs on this album are extremely personal and are about situations and genuine moments he has endured making the title of this album very fitting. Two songs on the album are very much tied to his heart, “My G” and “Sunshine.”

The beautiful song “My G” featuring Ed Sheeran, is about his little sister Gracie Armstrong. She is his muse, his heart and reason. Family is everything to Aitch and being able to express this through his art is remarkably honorable. We get a glimpse of his vulnerable side with this piece and it’s an amazing sight to see that we are thinking his fans will all love! The music video is out as well, give it a watch and see the sentimental moment he created for his angelic sister. We guarantee you will love it just as much as our team did.

The song “Sunshine” gives a nostalgic approach for him. He explains how he feels the same feeling every time he hears it and that brings him joy. The song is focused on walking through the same area growing up, wondering if and when things in his life will change. The groovy instrumentals and beautiful lyrics will steal your heart. Being able to write a song like that in a moment in time where he was uncertain where his life was headed, to now living the life he has prayed for is beyond a blessing.

As a 15 year old, Aitch and his friends would song write and take part in fun competitive rap battles. The beginning of his music journey started soon after. Growing up in Manchester, UK was something he holds near and dear to his heart. “It was lit, it is the best place in the world. I wouldn’t want to grow up anywhere else,” Aitch says. Manchester has molded him into the young man he is today and he is proud of that man. We are proud of that man. We can only wish for all of the success and growth for Aitch as we look forward to see this album flourish. Remember, there is no dream out of reach. If you want it bad enough, with hard work and faith it will all come in the way it should. Keep going, keep grinding and stay close to what ever is home to you.

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