7 Unforgettable Moments From Miami’s 2021 Rolling Loud Festival

Rolling Loud knows no bounds. The phenomenal festival bounced back from an 18-month hiatus with a once in lifetime full-force smash. The impressive 3-day bonanza’s 4 main sponsors each had a fire stage set up full of heat. Cîroc, Audiomack, Monster Energy, and Dryp each had a stage graced by some of music’s hottest acts. This was a lot of artists’ first time performing since their career began. For example, one of Jacksonville’s buzzing acts, Nardo Wick, had an amazing set, and he only started rapping 15 months ago. This is crazy considering that he was not even making music during the last Rolling Loud. With headliners Travis Scott, Post Malone, and A$AP Rocky, Rolling Loud Miami 2021 is a triumphant return for live rap music.

It is a task to run a normal concert with one headliner and a few supporting acts. Therefore, Tariq Cherif and Matt Zingler tasking themselves with handling 150+ acts is insane. Starting as a one-day event in 2015, Rolling Loud has quickly become the premier Hip-Hop event. When I was a kid, I never went to Disneyland and always wanted to go. Rolling Loud has become Disney Land for music lovers. It is just something you have to experience at least once to make you feel complete. This is not to say the event is perfect. There is no way that something with that many moving parts is. It’s riveting, though, and more than moderately enough controlled chaos to satisfy festival-goers hunger for live music and fun. Moreover, although it is hard, we will try to break down 10 of our most unforgettable moments from Miami’s 2021 Rolling Loud.

Babyface Ray, Morray & Ken The Man Shine In 1st RL Sets

Rolling Loud
(Rolling Loud/@KardiakMaine)

Life is full of moments. I’m sure performing at your first Rolling Loud is one of the craziest things you will ever do. After gracing the XXL Freshman cover, Morray went absolutely crazy on his first Rolling Loud stage. His charisma, melodic voice, and heartfelt lyrics all resonated with his huge crowd during the set. Houston’s own, Ken The Man, has something you cannot teach. Her aura and crowd control were intense, to say the least. Outside of being easy to look at, the HTX rapper performs well when all eyes are on her. Lastly, Babyface Ray had one of the most honorable moments of the weekend. Although it was his first time performing, he shared his moment with his whole city. After enlisting Motor City’s own DJ Limelightz to spin during his set, he also brought out his whole team. Seeing Peezy, Veeze, Icewear Vezzo & G.T. in one set was magical. Ray sharing his biggest stage with his whole area is a further testament to his character. His ascension in the next couple of months should come as a surprise to no one.

(Credit: Rolling Loud / @Shaunllewellyn)

The Return of A$AP Rocky

Rolling Loud
(Photo credit: Rolling Loud / @Snap_LL)

A$AP Rocky has been relatively quiet musically since his last release. Even as of late, most of the news about him has been about his relationship with Rihanna. Nonetheless, everyone’s pretty boy MC has not missed a step when it comes to performing. Running through his catalog seemed pretty natural to him even though it has been a while. It’s clear that the crowd still loves him and his eclectic music. Moreover, A$AP Ferg is never too far behind to support his partner in rhyme, Rocky. Records like “Plain Jane” & “Work” always seem to shut the crowd down. Rocky is poised to reclaim his spot in the world of Hip-Hop. Although many believe that he focuses on too many other things, his love for music is clear. This performance left many people(including me) excited to hear some new music from Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye.

Meg Thee Stallion, Latto, City Girls, & Rubi Rose Prove Women Are Running Rap At Rolling Loud

(Rolling Loud / @simonchasalow)

2020 was easily one of the biggest years for women in rap. As of late, Cardi B & Nicki Minaj are not the only two making waves in the industry. After winning a Grammy for her hit single “Savage,” Meg Thee Stallion has become an A-list act. Her performance at Rolling Loud was one of the highlights of the weekend. Men and women from all sides of the event came in droves to see the Houston Hottie perform her melody of hits. Latto & Rubi Rose both brought the highest level of sex appeal this weekend. Their highly suggestive lyrics and distinct voices were a stand-out from the pack. Both artists could probably turn a fan into stone if they looked at them in the eyes during their set. Lastly, The City Girls knew they had to turn up in their hometown. Luckily, with support from their friend Saucy Santana, they were able to do just that. Miami will always love Yung Miami & JT, and they will love Miami back.

(Rolling Loud/@THEMCDUB)

Key Glock & Young Dolph Put On A Show At Rolling Loud

(Rolling Loud/ @thirdeyecreator)

On the heels of the announcement of their new PAPER ROUTE iLLUMINATi LP, Key Glock & Young Dolph both finesse their solo performances. Memphis is easily one of the hottest markets in music today. With both artists being two of the vets in the city, they are always ready to turn up for their fans. Moreover, Young Dolph’s set was electrifying, to say the least. I guess it is not too hard to be lit when you have 40,000 plus people screaming your songs. Their sets are further proof that getting it out of the mud can lead to success. Young Dolph is a boss, and his label is full of the same. Furthermore, this upcoming collaboration tape will be a movie.

Lil Durk & Lil Baby Prove Why They Are The Voice Of The Heroes For Rolling Loud


Lil Baby’s solo set may have single-handedly been my favorite of the weekend. I may be a bit biased, but it was. To see where he started and watch him become the self-proclaimed Lil Wayne of generation is crazy. Moreover, seeing him command a crowd for almost 40 minutes with hit after hit is impressive. Lil Baby will never leave out his team for anything. Therefore, him bringing out 42 Dugg, Rylo Rodriquez, and Hip-Hop’s hottest upcoming act, EST Gee, should be no surprise. Each song was a moment, and nobody wanted him to get off the stage. If that was not enough, the next day, Lil Durk came out with a live band and ran through his melodic stream of songs. When Lil Baby came out to perform with him, it was so loud you could barely hear the two rap. Lil Baby & Durkio will be in the game for a while.

Rolling Loud

Travis Scott’s Music Is Made To Be Performed Live & Felt, Not Just Heard

Rolling Loud
Photo Courtesy of CACTI

Travis Scott and his Cactus Jack Brand have transcended music strictly. His brand has grown exponentially to the point that anything he touches becomes gold. Even before his performance, fans were able to visit the CACTI Oasis, which featured out of this work photo opportunities. Moreover, the ragers could taste the agave spiked seltzers and get a chance to win CACTI merch and even DJ sets! Furthermore, you did not need any seltzer to be fully immersed in the experience that is a Travis Scott set. Although his set time started a little late, it was worth everyone’s patience. His one of one set designs and energy always creates a moment to be remembered. He started the morning teasing a song on his Instagram that he later performed at the festival. Travis is a one-in-a-lifetime figure who has become larger than life.

(Rolling Loud/@HENRYHWU_)

Lil Uzi Vert & Young Thug Both Are Visually Light Years Ahead of Everyone At Rolling Loud

Rolling Loud
(Rolling Loud/ @Shaunllewellyn)

Young Thug and Lil Uzi Vert are not your average artists. Most rappers are not the best performers and tend to rap alongside their tracks without any charisma. Whether it is Young Thug’s aesthetically pleasing set design or Lil Uzi’s energy and crowd control, they have become the standard. Both of their sets captured my attention from the moment they walked off until the moment they finished. Few artists can give you the energy of being in the front row even when you are behind thousands of raving fans. I couldn’t keep my eyes off their performances and instantly realized that we are due for a new album from both.

Rolling Loud is a life-changing experience for any music lover. Be sure to check their page for recaps and stay tuned for the other dates and locations here at www.rollingloud.com.

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