21 Virginia Artists to Watch in 2021

Virginia is home to some of the most talented musicians of the past and present. Creatives like The Neptunes, Timbaland, The Clipse, and even Teddy Riley set the stage for many musicians to shine in The Commonwealth. Pharrell wasn’t lying when he said there must be something in the water. 2020 was a roller coaster of a year that neither Busch Gardens nor King’s Dominion could have prepared us for. Nonetheless, some amazing art came out of the state in each of the different sub-regions.

I am capping this list at 21 artists for obvious reasons. However, there are many more that I admire in VA. This list is in no particular order and will feature a track I enjoy from each artist. My list features some artists who are just getting started and some who have received deals from the top labels. I’m Virginia first, second, third, and I look forward to bringing as many VA artists to shine. Plenty of creatives in the state have made some bangers in the year. This list is my projection of the 21 creatives that will make something that VA should get behind. (In no particular order)

Without further wait, check out my 21 Virginia artists to watch in 2021 below.

Lil Rekk / @LilRekk

Young Crazy / @YoungCrazy110

D$G Dae / @d.s.g_dae

WHYNOTduce & WHYNOThauch/ @WhyNotDuce & @WhyNotHauch

Youngshann / @youngshann

Young Moe / @youngmoe_life

Al-Doms / @al_doms

Almira Zaky / @AlmiraZaky

StaySolidRocky / @StaySolidRocky

ATM Curly / @ATMCurly

Saekyi / @saekyi

Era Hardaway / @EraHardaway

Rob V / @TheFakeRobV

Gordo / @taemoneybagz

Sincerest Don / @SincerestDon

Fresh Porter / @PortervilleBaby

Pretty Savage / @OfficialPrettySavage

Miah / @MiahMusic

Cocaine Mali / @CocaineMali

Skrawny Ape/ @SkrawnyApe


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