LA’s Blxst Is Here To Stay

Released last month via Red Bull Records and still riding high off its success, No Love Lost debuted at #14 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Albums Chart and #8 on iTunes Top Albums for Hip-Hop/Rap, along with reaching #6 on Rolling Stone’s Breakthrough 25 and #11 on Rolling Stone’s Trending 25 Charts for September. Blxst was also labeled a Best New Artist by Pigeons & Planes and received praise from BBC Radio 1, Power 106, No Jumper, Dash Radio, The Joe Budden Podcast, and more. 

Luckily, we were able to discuss Blxst’s EP in detail earlier this year. Following the release of his “No Love Lost” Deluxe, he circled back to discuss the new updates. Blxst showed maturity and growth in such a short time after his release. His project has been crowned on social media as one of the most solid albums of the year. The pressure is nothing new to the LA singer/rapper. After many dubbed him as the new Nate Dogg, he used his deluxe as a way to carve a lane for himself. After drawing exciting features from California legends like Tyga & Ty Dolla Sign, he knew it was time to show up.

Check out our latest conversation with LA’s MVP, Blxst below!

Ahmad Davis: Like you said, “This is a separation from basic,” as you start your deluxe off with a fiery rap verse. Was it important to switch it up to start?

Blxst: Yeah, I basically wanted to show off my versatility so that people won’t box me in. So I felt like it was important to do that, for my first impression. 

AD: Dom Kennedy, Ty Dolla $ign, Tyga, and Bino?! After releasing with no help, you came back with some crazy features. Which was your favorite, and how does it feel to work with some West Coast legends?

Blxst: Although a feature from big artists is cool, working with Bino is always dope to me because we built organic chemistry. 

AD: You were one of the most talked-about upcoming acts in the game this year. What do you hope this deluxe does for your notoriety to the masses?

Blxst: What I hope it will do is allow my listeners to see a more in-depth side of who Blxst is that they didn’t get to see on the original. Especially with tracks like “Forever Humble.”

AD: Recently, Bino said you all need to do another tape, and you teased it on the deluxe. What is the status of that?

Blxst: That’s definitely my next priority but, it’s still a work in progress. Just know whenever we get to lock in, it’s going to be another classic for the city. 

AD: What do you look for in a collaborator? You mentioned that many people are reaching out for features, and I am sure you don’t just do any of them.

Blxst: I look for a unique perspective. Being a creator myself I think it’s dope to step out of my own mind sometimes and see a different viewpoint conceptually. 

AD: Lastly, what are your plans for the top of next year? We are sure you have big plans following the release of your deluxe!

Blxst: Outside of Sixtape 2, another priority I have is to release a full body of work. I want to prove that I am here for the long run.

It is easy to see that Blxst is going to be here for a while. His music is infectious, and his songwriting ability only gets better with time. After he and Bino connect for Sixtape 2, be on the lookout for a full-length project from the LA rapper. For now, stream the deluxe version of his critically-acclaimed EP, “No Love Lost” below.

Photo credit: @miguelhbz

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