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Meet RaShawn Russell, O.U.R Brand Music CEO

The music industry constantly changes, but one thing that will always remain, are labels. Even though labels, particularly majors, have a bad stigma about them, they will always be revered and necessary. Founded in 2016, O.U.R. Brand Music Label is a label founded by the likes of RaShawn Russell and his business partners. Furthermore, with help from Sean Bryant Jr. and Michelle Tooles, the company continues to strive with each release.

Born in Columbus, Ohio, RaShawn is the product of two hardworking parents. His mother was the first black woman to become a firefighter in Columbus while his father ran a local community house. “I learned a lot of things from the OG’s that were from around there,” he recites. Having played various roles throughout the industry, it was only right RaShawn chose music.

In 2016, RaShawn formed O.U.R Brand Music Label with the purpose of impacting the music industry. The label’s roster currently holds artists like Flood Dawg, Brazy Brandon, and Tay Y.U.N.G to name a few. “Collectively, we wanted a name that reflected our views, and one that we could help cater to all genres of music,” Russell states. The acronym stands for “Opportunity, Unity, Respect.”

“The hardest parts [of starting a label] have been staying focused, dedicated when things are slowing down,” RaShawn states. Putting together his vision with Paco the Producer wasn’t an easy journey. Russell recalls nights of working hard, gradually building up the momentum of O.U.R. Brand Music. “Also avoiding the many scams, snakes and making sure you work with someone that’s authentic,” he concludes.

With recent releases like Brazy Brandon’s “I’m The Man” out now and 2CraZ and John Relo on the way, RaShawn Russell has a plan for success. Furthermore, the label is poised to be Ohio’s most radiant voice. When asked what the future holds, Rashawn responded: “Honestly, I wanna achieve financial freedom for everyone associated with the label. Become a household name and go global, be a company that gives back to the community.”

Follow RaShawn Russell and his record label, O.U.R Brand Music Label, on Instagram today!

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Aspiring journalist and music influencer from the Carolinas. Twitter: @malc2global

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