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Abillyon talks TTG Records, ‘Born Again’ and the New York rap scene

Brook-lyn! Abillyon has been around for quite some time, having really burst on the scene with Bobby Shmurda and GS9 several years ago. He started making music at the age of 13, influenced by his father and some OGs in his neighborhood, namely 151 Bacardi. With Shmurda out of commission for the time being, Abillyon has taken to forging his own path in music and beyond.

The March project Born Again was his concentrated effort to reinvent himself, find his peace, and establish who he truly is as a musician. He specifically said he was finding his own niche and he can confidently say he’s there now due to being more seasoned. He feels his melodic sound sets him apart from other artists, in addition to his background in and out of music.

DJ “O” The Talk About and Abillyon

One of his biggest goals right now is to turn TTG Records into the empire he envisions. The idea spawned from an ad lib he said in the studio back in 2015, “taking the globe” and from that day on he just ran with it. He embraces life running its natural course, and the label fell right within that.

Crazii Loc

Labelmates include DJ “O” The Talk About, Crazii Loc, Richie P & Tali Tunchi, Menace Mitchell, Capo Cash, Jay Pusha, and Cool Dre. Having experienced what it’s like to pursue his own career, he assumed a leadership role with the talent around him. It can be a lot but he was positive, with a true investment in their growth and success.

Richie P and Tali Tunchi

Leadership didn’t just come with the label though. He took that on when working with Bobby Shmurda and simply throughout life. It wasn’t something he felt obliged to do as much as something he naturally fell into and wanted to do. He admitted to feeling that he was chosen to do music and assist others with theirs. Abillyon did say he hopes he can gain the ability to work faster for the label, but respects and appreciates the process.

Menace Mitchell

There was a time in 2017 where folks thought there was a beef between the rapper and Highbridge’s A Boogie wit Da Hoodie. He released diss track “Bandits” and took some jabs at the melodic crooner. To silence any doubts or curiosity, he clarified it was never a beef and he respects A Boogie’s music. He refers to the song as a challenge, commonplace in music though nowadays social turns playful jabs into full0on wars. He understands fans take things how they want to, but there’s no ill will there.

He says music has become too friendly, and while he doesn’t want to see anyone’s career fail due to beef, competition is fundamental in Hip-Hop. Abillyon feels that as an artist you have to stand on your two feet and be able to take all the punches, whether from peers or listeners.

With New York specifically, you have to prove yourself and reach a certain point before others show you love and work with you. There’s a multitude of talent in the region, but artists often feel too cool to work with someone else for fear of their light being dimmed.

That’s why he was especially honored to have Philly’s own Meek Mill come down to an NYC radio station and co-sign him. It feels like a rarity, not one that he necessarily takes issue with but he recognizes the region could compete with the powerhouse that is Atlanta if there was more collaboration. New York artists blow up and move away, while Atlanta artists often keep the money and vision within that area. He hopes to set to reinforce the “build in your home” model as TTG Records continues to elevate.

In terms of his career looking forward, he does hope to one day work with Young Thug, Gunna, and Lil Baby. He’s not pining for any feature he can get, but rather artists he enjoys and could have genuine sonic chemistry with. The money and acclaim are nice, but at the core, it’s about making good music.

It’s all about leveling up the right way. There was talk of a full TTG mixtape dropping this summer, an effort to really let the world know the extent of their roster. Abillyon still has Meek’s Championships in rotation, signaling that as his favorite project to have dropped recently. 21 Savage and Lil Baby’s projects also stay on his aux cord.

Born Again is available everywhere now! Check that out, tap into Abillyon’s unique sound and stay tuned for what TTG has coming out next.

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